6 Ways I Get Clients Through Facebook GroupsI have a confession: I’m kind of obsessed with Facebook groups. Mainly because they’re a great way to kill time when I’m avoiding my to-do list. Okay, that’s not the real reason. Facebook groups are a place to create connections and have a go-to community for questions and feedback. Oh yeah, and Facebook groups are where I find most of my clients. I’m not talking about mastermind Facebook groups that you have to pay hundreds or thousands to be a part of. I’m talking about free Facebook groups I’ve joined over the past year that I’ve found incredibly valuable. And bonus: my niche hangs out in them.

Don’t worry, I don’t send out mass messages and “like my page!” suggestions. I just create genuine connections with people, provide valuable tips and feedback and share my services in promotional threads.

Here are 6 strategies you can steal to get clients from Facebook groups:

Focus on a few Facebook groups

I’ve heard people say they’re members of over a hundred Facebook groups and I honestly don’t know how they do it! I’m very picky when it comes to Facebook groups and only choose groups with members who have similar values as I do. I only want to participate in upbeat, supportive and empowering groups because those are the people I want to surround myself with in my business and potentially work with.

Don’t spread yourself too thin. Choose a few Facebook groups where you can provide value, become a familiar face and where you can go to for business advice.  

Engage with people

If someone asks a question or needs help with social media and I can help them, I do. The key here is that I never expect something in return. I don’t post something and casually mention I’m a Social Media + Content Manager and slip in a link to my services page. I help them or cheer them on when they hit a milestone because I genuinely want to. Not because I think it might get a new client.

Search keywords relating to your services

People post in Facebook groups all the time asking for services and recommendations. There’s a search bar in Facebook groups that will sort out the massive amount of posts and only show you what you’re interested in. I’ll type in “Social Media Manager” or “Content Manager” and see if anyone has mentioned that they’re looking for these services. Get creative here because people may not always post your exact title, but need the services you offer. 

Read posts carefully

Maybe it’s a pet peeve but I cringe a little when someone posts “email me if you’re interested” and people just start posting their services or commenting on the post telling the poster to get in touch with them. This is the first encounter you’re having with a potential client and you want to show your attention detail, not your lack of attention to detail. Prep an email that you can easily tailor to multiple people. Make the basis of each email the same by including how you can help them and what the next step is if they’re interested.

Don’t only post about your services

Don’t be that girl who only ever posts about her services or products. Participate in the group because you want to, not just because you’re hoping to get clients. When you provide value in your posts, comments and feedback, members are going to start seeing you as a go-to resource. This way, when they need your services, you aren’t some random person they’ve never seen in the group before.

Take advantage of promotional threads

In most Facebook groups, you can’t post links to your website or offer your services unless there’s a designated promotional thread. Keep track of what days each Facebook group admin posts a promotional thread. Sometimes they even have a collaboration thread where  someone can post that they need a particular service and if anyone in the group can help them.

Create a short and sweet post drawing your ideal audience in so they want to click and learn more. Similar to the copy on your sales page, hit your ideal client or customer’s pain point and tell them what service you’re offering. Just posting a link to your products/services isn’t going to be effective. Approach it as a conversation starter, not a sales pitch. Think about what you would say to your dream client if they were standing right in front you. What would you say to make them buy from you?

Notice there wasn’t any sleazy sales tactics in these strategies? No “slip your website link into every post that even remotes to your services” or “think of ways to get around the no promotion rule”.

These are strategies to help you create genuine connections and share your expertise in Facebook groups. The key isn’t to look at Facebook groups as a bag of money, it’s to look at them as a community you want to be a part of and to become a go-to resource for other members.

Are you getting clients through Facebook groups? Share your strategies in the comments below or share what strategies you’re going to start implementing today!

6 Ways I Get Clients Through Facebook Groups

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