6 systems to automate your biz for under $40Wouldn’t it be amazing if your business could practically run itself? Turns out, people thought that exact same thing and have created systems to help automate your business. I’m sharing 6 of my favorite systems that can help run your business, without it running you. Oh yeah, and they cost less than 40 bucks!

Here are 6 systems that will automate your email marketing, lead captures, social media scheduling + sharing:


Pinterest can drive crazy amounts of traffic to your website. It can also take up crazy amounts of time if you don’t automate it. That’s where BoardBooster comes in. You can completely automate your Pinterest marketing by setting up BoardBooster, starting at just $5 a month. It pins other people’s content to your Pinterest board and all you have to do it set it up once!

You can see below how my follower growth continuously rises with the help of BoardBooster. And to be totally honest, I don’t really go on Pinterest at all, so this growth is solely from the consistency of BoardBooster.


Within my first day on SmarterQueue, I knew it was a game changer for my social media scheduling. Not to mention it has a lot of features for about $17/mo. Their evergreen content feature is one of my favorite parts of the platform. You can create posts and have them recycled for future use so your content is always being shared with your audience. This really comes in handy when you have old blog posts that need to be shared and promotional content. You separate your posts into categories and create a schedule based on those categories. You’re able to see what type of content is going out and when and make sure you’re doing a healthy amount of self-promotion.

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ConvertKit is a huge time saver in my business and it starts at $29/mo. You can create email opt-in forms and email sequences so you’re constantly bringing in new subscribers and gaining their trust through sequences.

ConvertKit has so many customizations that your email marketing can run on autopilot. I like to think of ConvertKit as the smart email marketing platform. Pretty much anything you want it to do, it does. If someone buys your product through one email sequence, they can automatically get transferred to another email sequence. You’re building their trust, and all you did was set something up one time.


If you want to quickly create landing pages and sign up forms, LeadPages is the way to go. If you pay the whole year up front, it’ll cost as little as $25/mo. It’s super easy to create eye-catching landing pages and forms since they have pre-made templates. You can upload your lead magnets to LeadPages and it’ll automatically send it out when someone signs up. What I love most is that I can find a format I love and duplicate the page or form every time I need to create another one.


If you’re just starting out and aren’t ready to invest in ConvertKit, MailChimp is a great, affordable option. Their plans start at just $10 a month and you can create automated email sequences. The email sequences can be as simple as an initial welcome email or an entire email sequence.

Social Warfare

You’ve automated your social media posting but now it’s time to make it as easy as possible for other people to share your content on social media. The Social Warfare plugin for WordPress is only $24/yr and allows you to put social media sharing buttons on your blog posts. I love that this plugin lets you choose the images that pop up when people click the sharing icons. You can even write the post description so it’s already filled out for people when they click the share icons. Below, you can see that when my blog readers click the Twitter sharing button, the tweet is written, has the blog post link and tags my Twitter handle. All they have to do is click Tweet!

If you’re ready to automate your business, I have just the thing!

6 systems to automate your biz for under $40

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