Use SmarterQueue to automate your social mediaIt’s no secret that I’m pretty obsessed with SmarterQueue. It’s the first platform that has everything I was looking for in a social media scheduler – affordability, flexibility and most importantly, automation! Being a Social Media Manager, I’m all about getting the most results from social media in the least amount of time.

Today, I’m going to walk you through how to get started on SmarterQueue so you can automate your social media!

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Decide on post categories

When you first set up your SmarterQueue account, you’ll need to create post categories. Your categories are the types of content you’ll be sharing on your social media accounts. Categories may include past blog posts, promotional posts or content upgrades. You want to create multiple categories so you’re constantly switching up the type of content you share. You don’t want to bombard your audience with 5 posts a day about your free course! Below, you can see that I switch up my post categories for each post on all my platforms.

Create a social media schedule

After creating your categories on SmarterQueue, use the categories to create a social media schedule. You’re going to create different schedules for different social media platforms. For instance, you may post 7 times a day on Twitter but that would be overkill on Facebook. Make sure you test out what times are getting the most engagement from your audience. I’ve found that early morning, mid-afternoon (like lunch time) and late evening are when people are checking their social media feeds the most. The gaps between those times, like 2pm – 5pm, are when people are working or traveling back from work and I don’t see as high engagement during those times.  The great thing about your social media schedule is it can always be adjusted so use it as a learning experience!

Create evergreen posts

If you aren’t familiar with what an evergreen post is, they’re posts that are continuously recycled. When you add posts, it fills up your queue by populating the next available time slot for that post category. Once a post gets shared, it goes right back to the bottom of your queue. This is the most time saving feature of SmarterQueue! You’re able to load up your queue and let the platform do the rest.

Recycle old blog content

You spend hours creating blog posts, so make sure you’re making the most of them. Keep in mind that new followers haven’t seen all of your old blog content so sharing them ensures you’re getting them in front of fresh eyes. Start building your list of evergreen posts by creating 1-3 posts for each blog post. You’ll grow your queue of social media posts and they’ll always be shared with your audience. If you want to freshen up your social media posts every so often, replace the caption with something new after it’s been posted multiple times.

Share promotional posts

When creating evergreen promotional posts, stick to the 80/20 rule. That means only share promotional posts 20% of the time. You don’t want to overwhelm your audience with promotional content. Create posts that promote your products, services or content upgrade options.

I keep my paid promotional posts in a separate category from my free promotional posts. While I’m still promoting my content upgrades or newsletter, I only share pure value in there so there’s no harm in not following the 80/20. The 80/20 rule applies to all of your paid content and promotion.