4 investments under $29 to automate your bizIf you’ve been following me for a while, you know I’m all about automating as many things in my business as I can. I mean c’mon, automating saves time, helps us grow our biz + lets us focus on what we really love doing! I’m also about doing it all on a budget. Here are 4 things you can start using today to automate your biz – for under $29!

ConvertKit – Starting at $29/mo

You’ve heard me talk about ConvertKit (affiliate) quite a bit. I was a bit hesitant to jump from the MailChimp train at first because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to spend more than $10 a month to send emails. I finally signed up for a free month of ConvertKit through an affiliate and it was totally life changing. You hear a lot of online biz owners talk about how awesome ConvertKit is and everything it can do, but until you see for yourself how much easier your life gets when you make the switch, you won’t understand the full capabilities.

With ConvertKit, I’m able to create sequences (which I show you how to do here) and opt-in forms and let ConvertKit (affiliate) do its thing while I focus on other tasks. You’re probably thinking “but MailChimp does that too . . . and it’s cheaper!”. But the really awesome thing about ConvertKit is that you can create automations for these automated sequences and opt-in forms. ConvertKit can move a subscriber from one sequence to another based on clicks they’ve made in emails or purchases they’ve made. It’s email marketing, the smart way.

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BoardBooster – Starting at $5/mo

BoardBooster is really the only way to fully automate your Pinterest account. It can be a little confusing at first so I walk you step-by-step on how to set up your account and get it to pin here. I’m sure you’ve heard how people who are active on Pinterest are able to draw tons of traffic to their website from Pinterest. To give you an idea of how BoardBooster has helped me, I wasn’t spending time on Pinterest at all and only had about 60 followers. Those followers remained stagnant and I saw no growth. I set up BoardBooster and now have 240+ followers and all I did was set it up once! The only manual pinning I do now is when I add my new blog post pins.

So what exactly does BoardBooster do anyway? It pins content from other people’s board and pins to your own boards. You choose what boards it pulls from so the content is always relevant to each individual board. It can also pin from your own boards. So if you have boards that share similar content, you can pin your pins multiple times to get in front of more people.

SmarterQueue- Starting at $19.99

SmarterQueue is legit my fav social media tool. As a social media manager I use whatever scheduling platform my clients use to schedule their social media. Which means I’ve tried quite a few platforms. I was able to see the pros and cons of each platform – from pricing to ease of use.

The most common complaint I hear about social media is that it’s so time-consuming and people can’t keep up with all the posting. With SmarterQueue, even if I have a super busy week or I’m on vacation, I know my social media platforms will all be posting and sticking to their schedule. SmarterQueue allows you to create evergreen posts, which means you create the post once and it’ll be in a constant rotation will all of your other evergreen posts. So basically you just load up a ton of posts when you start using SmarterQueue and then you only need to add your one-time posts.

If you want to give SmarterQueue a try, you can get 1 month free by signing up through this link. (affiliate)

 IFTTT – Free

IFTTT stands for if this, then that. You create “recipes” which are actions that will happen when another action takes place. For example, you can set up a recipe so that every time you add a blog post to a specific WordPress category, IFTTT triggers an action that causes Pinterest to pin that blog post to a specific board.

The types of recipes you can create are truly endless and it links with almost any platform you can think of. Just imagine all the automations you can create to have your business running automatically behind the scenes while you focus on important work.

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