4 Ways to Make Your Social Media Profiles Work for YouBeing active on social media is great for attracting people to your profiles, as long as your profiles are working for you. There are a few key things you want to utilize in your social media profiles. Today, I’m going to go over different ways you can make the most off each of your social media profiles!

Call to Action in header

Instead of just writing down your job description in your profiles, add a Call to Action (CTA). Make sure you have a set goal for your CTA. Whether it be to draw attention to your latest blog post or get people to sign up for your content upgrade, a goal will make sure your profile is working for you.

Above is a screenshot of what my Twitter profile says. It lets people know what I do and calls them to go get my content upgrade. My goal for this is to turn my Twitter followers into subscribers by capturing their email. I also provide them with an awesome list of systems and automations they can set up in their business so I start providing value to them right away!

[clickToTweet tweet=”Make your social media profiles work for you with a few quick tweaks!” quote=”Make your social media profiles work for you with a few quick tweaks!”]

Pin tweet

On Twitter, you can pin a tweet to the top of your feed so it’s the very first post people see when they’re on your profile. You can update this as you roll out new things and to freshen your feed up a bit, so don’t worry about your first pick. Below, you can see that my pinned tweet has a clear CTA and links to my content upgrade so I can capture their email address. Remember, social media is awesome for marketing but your social media goal should always be to bring those followers to your website.

Facebook sign up button

If you already have a Facebook page for your business, you might already have set this up! There’s a sign up button right below your cover image to get people on your list. Some people make their cover images draw attention to this button with arrows and let you know what you’ll get when you sign up. For example, if you’re hosting a workshop soon, you can link your sign up button to your workshop’s landing page.

Pinterest name

Your Pinterest name doesn’t just have to be your business name. Adding a description of what type of content people can expect to find on your profile will make you more Pinterest SEO friendly. Below, you can see instead of just Let’s Talk Lady Biz, my profile name includes “social media & marketing strategies”. Now when people are searching for social media or marketing strategies, my profiles and pins are more likely to come up.

Go make these quick tweaks to your social media profiles and get the most from each one!

4 Ways to Make Your Social Media Profiles Work for You

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