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If you want to interact with your email subscribers, build their trust and put your email marketing on auto-pilot, an email sequence is what you need! ConvertKit has made it incredibly easy to set up your email sequence. I’m going to walk you step-by-step how to set it up so you can take advantage of email marketing right away!

Create a new sequence

When you log in to ConvertKit, click ‘Sequences’ at the top and then ‘Add Sequence’. You’re going to be brought to this screen when you can name your sequence and get started created! Click the ‘Create Sequence’ button when you’re ready to begin.

Create email content

You’ll notice ConvertKit auto-creates a series of emails to get you started. If you aren’t sure what the format of your email sequence should be, this is a great reference! Below is the screen you’ll be taken to. All of these emails are in draft mode, so no need to worry! You can delete, add or edit all parts of this sequence.

I think ConvertKit does a great job at setting up a format for your sequence. It starts with an intro email, introducing yourself and your business to your new subscriber. Then provides them with a pure value (no pitch in sight!) email and the third email provides more value and introduces your product or service. Your email sequence should build your new subscriber’s trust and show them the value you provide.

Now let’s talk about the top section of each email.

The ‘Status’ section lets you know if the email is just a draft or it’s published and going to be delivered when someone signs up. Make sure once you’re done with all your emails you change them all to published!

The ‘Delay Sending By’ is when your subscriber will receive this email. This email is set to send 1 day after they sign up. When you want to update this, just click the little pencil icon near the delayed time. You can change this delay to hours, days or even a specific day of the week. For example, you might not want your emails to send on weekends and can choose to only check off the weekdays. If you set the delay to 0 days or 0 hours, it will send immediately after the person signs up.

The icons that look like a filter and a trash bin are exactly that – a filter and a trash bin! You can delete an email from a sequence or add a filter. Let’s say you pitched your e-book in your 3rd email and people bought it. There’s no need for you to pitch your e-book again in email 5 to those same people. You would create a tag for everyone who purchases your e-book so you can add a tag to the filter here. Your filter would look a little something like this:

The preview section lets you preview what your email will look like in a browser or email you a test email of what it will look like.

Now you can start creating your subject lines and writing your emails!

Updating email sequence settings

You’ve already set up most of the top part of the Settings tab. Here you can edit your sequence name and adjust the time of day your emails get sent.

You also have the option to exclude specific people from this sequence. Like I mentioned before, maybe someone already purchased the product or service you’ll be sharing in this sequence and you don’t want to pitch it to them again. You can exclude people who are already subscribed to a form, sequence, tag or segment.

If you make any changes in this section, be sure to click the ‘Update Sequence’ button in the bottom right hand corner.

Link email sequence to form

Your email sequence is ready to go! All you have to do now is link this sequence to the form people will be signing up through. Go to the Settings on your form and in the Main Settings you’ll see this:

Where the drop down menu is, choose your sequence you want linked to the form. You can also choose whether past subscribers to that form will be receiving the sequence and if all new subscribers will receive the sequence.

Save your ConvertKit form settings and your email sequence is ready to start going out to your audience!

email sequence convertkit
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