How to use BoardBooaster to automate your Pinterest accountBoardBooster is an awesome way to automate your Pinterest marketing. Before I saw a tutorial video on BoardBooster, I wasn’t sure what it could do. Once I saw all the features it had and that it could actually run Pinterest on auto-pilot, I knew I had to sign up! In this post, I’m going walk you through how to set up your BoardBooster account and how it can automate your Pinterest account!

When you initially sign up, you get up 100 free pins so you can see what BoardBooster can do. I have a pretty good feeling you won’t be able to stop at just 100 😉

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Link with Pinterest

To start using BoardBooster, you’ll need to link it with your Pinterest account. Then you’ll decide what boards you want BoardBooster to post to.

I suggest starting off with a few boards to get started and add more as needed. BoardBooster will then create a secret board for every board you link. After linking your boards to BoardBooster, you’ll have 2 boards. One everyone can see and your secret board which BoardBooster uses to source pins from. More on pin sourcing later!


When you’re ready to set your pinning schedule, you’ll go to your BB scheduler.  You’ll be taken to a page with 2 columns. One for your publishing and one for pin sourcing.

Click on the purple icon in the Publishing section. This is where you set up your pinning schedule. You’ll choose what secret board you’re creating a schedule for. BoardBooster will follow this schedule by publishing pins from your secret board to your public board. You can see in the image above that BB will take 5 pins from my secret board, Build Your Blog, on weekdays and 3 pins on weekends and pin to the public board.


Pin sourcing is how your secret board gets filled with pins for BB to post to your public board. Click the ‘Add’ button and then ‘Board Monitor’ to add your sources. You choose what boards your pins are sourced from. Do your research on what boards you’d like to source from so that you’ll be sharing relevant, valuable pins. Copy and paste the url from the board you’d like to source pins from in the ‘Board URL to monitor’ section. The rest of the option are pretty self-explanatory. You can choose whether to pin tall pins, video pins, pins with less than a certain amount of repins, etc.

After following these steps, your Pinterest account will be constantly marketing behind-the-scenes of your business!

What other ways do you automate your social media accounts? Tell me in the comments below!