Organize Your Biz With Google DriveIt’s safe to say I’m obsessed with Google Drive. I use it to host all my business files and love that it’s really easy to use. Seriously, anyone can use it! It’s helped me to stay organized in my own business and easily collaborate with my clients and keep track of their files.

Benefits of using Google Drive

Besides the fact that Google Drive is free, here are some of my favorite features:

  • Access files from anywhere. If your computer crashes, your files are totally safe and you can get to them from any computer.
  • Save things directly on your Mac to your Google Drive without being on the internet.
  • Share documents and folders with team members and set up security preferences. If you just want team members to be able to view a document and not edit it, you can!
  • Virtually collaborate on the same document at the same time. This is one of my favorite features! Since our businesses are online, it’s pretty common to never see team members face to face. Multiple people can be editing a document and seeing other’s comments and additions.
  • Plan out your editorial calendar and launches.
  • Automations in your inbox will save a lot of time searching through emails.

Okay, now that I’ve convinced you to use Google Drive, let’s get your biz organized!

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Organize your folders

Start by outlining the most high level aspects of your biz that you create files for regularly. This might be blog posts, products or services, client work, etc. Then, break it down into sub categories. For example, my blog post folder has a sub folder for drafts, published posts, featured images and content upgrades.

A trick to never letting your Google Drive get totally unorganized is to always put a file in a folder. Sometimes if you’re in a rush you might be tempted to just add the file to your drive and not save it to a particular folder. That’s what leads to spending 15 minutes looking for a file you thought was in this folder . . . no wait, that one!

I keep all my client work separate from my own business documents. This way I have 1 folder dedicated to my clients and then sub folders for each individual client.

I suggest that you never delete content in your drive for past clients. I just have a “past client” folder that I drop their folder into once I’ve finished working with them. You never know when you’ll need to reference old content.

Use Google Calendar as an editorial calendar

I love Google’s calendar! You can go crazy color coating things and use it for just about anything – not just meetings. I like to map out my blog post and newsletter schedule in the calendar along with any launches. This way I have a calendar view of what content is going out and when and it’s easy to move things around if I need to.

I color coat everything so it’s visually easy to see where my meetings are and which slots are content related. I also like that you can add notes so I’ll add a few bullet points of what I want to cover in the blog posts while the topic is fresh in my mind.

Finally organize your Gmail

Probably the most unorganized part of everyone’s Google Drive is their Gmail. If you’re one of those people who just keep everything together in your inbox with no folders, this is about to save you SO much time! Just an FYI before we get started, Gmail folders are referred to as labels.

One of the most important labels and automations I’ve created is for invoices. All of your invoices will be kept in one place and will be easy to search through come tax time. When you get your monthly invoices emailed to you from the business services you use, they always have the same subject line.

All you have to do is click on one of the emails, and click the ‘more’ button at the top of your screen, then click ‘filter messages like these’.

Then I fill in the subject line with the subject the email always has. If it normally says something like “BoardBooster Invoice for June 2017”, just type in “BoardBooster invoice” and it’ll move them over.

Then, click ‘apply filter with this search’ and choose ‘apply the label’. From the dropdown menu you can choose your label, or create a new one. If you’ve received emails like this before, something will pop up at the bottom of the box asking if you want to add the label to the other 4 (or however many emails) that it found in your inbox with that subject. It’ll move over all past emails and any future emails.

You can even set it up to manage client emails. Instead of filling out the subject for the filter, enter their email so you can keep all incoming emails from them together in a folder.

Start organizing your Google Drive to save time and keep an organized biz!

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