Prioritize Your Day With The ABC MethodYou get ready to start your day, you’re feeling super productive and then BAM you see #AllTheThings on your to-do list and you go into overwhelm mode. Where the heck are you going to begin?

Coming up with a system to make sure I get my most important tasks done for the day has been crucial to my productivity. Lucky for you, I’m spilling the details on exactly how I prioritize my day! And I’ll let you in on a little secret – it’s incredibly simple!

It’s the ABC Method. It only takes a couple minutes, a pen and paper (or Google doc) and you’ll know exactly what to work on, and when, throughout the day! Let’s get started.


The ABC Method

I like to start by doing a major brain dump of every task I need to get done. This sounds super overwhelming but we’re about to simplify that list and make it much more doable!

Then I draw 3 columns on my paper and label them “A”, “B” and “C”.

Column A: This is going to be for your tasks that absolutely need to get done today. For me this might be client work that’s due that day or a project piece I set a deadline for.

Column B: These are the tasks that can wait until tomorrow. For example, you may have to put some finishing touches on a blog post that goes out next week. It’s important, but not necessary that it gets done today.

Column C: These tasks have no sense of immediacy. These tend to be the “quick” tasks that we think of throughout the day and want to work on to get them out of the way. What we don’t realize is that all these quick tasks add up. A few 10-20 minute tasks scattered throughout the day can take up to an hour (or more!) of your time. I like to save the tasks in this column for slow days when I’m all caught up on my urgent tasks. Knocking them all out in one sitting will help you stay productive because you’re working in short increments so you don’t get bored and are constantly doing new tasks.

Prioritize your tasks

Start going through your task list and put them in the right columns. Once all your tasks are written down, do a quick priority check on column A and B. I like to number them in order of importance so I can knock out my urgent tasks ASAP. I number column B because if I get through all my column A tasks, I get a head start on what’s due tomorrow.

If you get in the habit of doing this on Friday afternoon or first thing Monday, you set yourself up for a super productive work week! As new tasks pop up throughout the week, just add them to the list.

I created the ABC Method worksheets for you to easily manage your tasks. If you’re a digital lady, it’s an editable PDF. Or, if you’re like me and like to physically write down your tasks, print it out each week. Grab your ABC Method worksheets below!

Prioritize Your Day With The ABC Method