Ditch your stressful tasks and grow your teamYou started your business for freedom.

> Freedom to do what you love.
> Freedom to make as much money as you’d like without having to ask for a raise.
> Freedom to work with people you like and would hang out with IRL.
> Freedom to spend a Tuesday afternoon at the park with your kids.

You started your biz for all those freedoms. But right now, your biz makes you feel anything but free.

There’s so many extra tasks that come with owning your own business. Writing blog posts, scheduling social media and responding to emails have taken up more of your schedule that you anticipated.

The work you do for your clients is what you really want to be focusing on.

You keep telling yourself when you hit $5,000 a month then you’ll hire someone to help you. Once you land 3 more clients, then you’ll finally grow your team.

But what if you had 2 extra hours a week, what could you do?

How about 5 hours a week?

If you stopped waiting and had a wing woman there to take away all the “extras” that come with running a biz – you know, the things that stress you out and really don’t need your attention anyway –  you’d have more time to reach those extra clients and build your business.

Now that $5k month is easier to reach because instead of wasting time editing blog posts you have time to meet with more potential clients and do the work you actually enjoy.

What type of team member can you hire to take off unnecessary tasks from your to-do list? A graphic designer? A Virtual Assistant? A WordPress wiz?

Tell me in the comments below who you should hire to help you reach your freedom.

Ditch your stressful tasks and grow your team