Grow your list on autopilot with a quiz!Typically, when someone signs up for your email list, they’re coming through a free lead magnet.

Overtime, as they download more freebies, purchase your products, click certain links, you learn more about them and what they need from you.

Instead of waiting for that entire process to get to know your audience, you can use 1 lead magnet to segment people on your list as soon as they subscribe and get to know them more.

The perfect lead magnet to do it? A quiz!

With a quiz, you’re able to segment them based on their quiz results and get to know them with their answers to each question.

My new quiz, built with Interact (*affiliate link), helps online business owners figure out what they need to focus on to simplify + grow their biz. With this one lead magnet, I know exactly where the person is in their business and what type of content I can share that will help them most.

Benefits of creating a quiz

Getting to know your audience, without having to send out surveys

I’m sure you’ve gotten emails from biz owners asking you to fill out their survey, so they can make sure they’re creating the right content and products for you. This way, they can get to know your needs and start planning their next steps.

Quiz results act as an evergreen survey and you can analyze the results whenever you want, without having to send a survey to your audience and bribe them with a Starbucks gift card to take it.

You’re learning who they are right away

With a quiz, you can segment your audience as soon as they get on your email list. No more guessing about what type of content to send who. This will also help you get higher email open rates, because you can tailor your emails to these individual segments.

Create it once + it keeps working for you

I’m all about focusing your time where it matters and getting the most results for your time + effort. With a quiz, you can create it once, and it will keep bringing in new subscribers to your email list. Instead of creating new lead magnets, you can have your quiz deliver the perfect lead magnet for your subscriber, based on their quiz results.

I partnered with Interact (*affiliate link) to create a quiz to help you figure out what you need to focus on to simplify + grow your biz. They made it incredibly easy to create the quiz and tailor the results to your needs, so you’ll get just the right action steps for where you’re at in your biz! Take the quiz below and get your action steps for simplifying and growing your biz!

*If you sign up for Interact through any links on this page, I may receive a commission. I think quizzes are a great way for getting to know your audience and growing your audience on auto-pilot and wouldn’t share the tool if I didn’t think it could help you.

Grow your email list on autopilot