What could you do with an extra 100+ hours?

About a year ago, I hopped on a call with a potential client.

She was busy, overwhelmed and knew she needed help.

They were tasks I loved working on and I could hear the overwhelm in her voice. I knew I could help make her life so much less stressful, so I took her on as a client. She chose 1 month of the biggest package I offered since she needed to get a lot off her plate.

I emailed her on the first day of working together and let her know I was ready and eager to get started! She let me know she was busy, but was going to start handing things off to me that week.

2 weeks later, I hadn’t gotten a single task.

I emailed her again, just to check in.

Again, she was busy, but it was on her to-do list to send some tasks that week.

She went the entire month without handing over a single task.

I asked her what stopped her from handing over part of her to-do list to me.

She said was just “too busy” to show me the ropes of her business.

And that’s not the only time I’ve heard someone say that.

I’ve hopped on calls with potential clients who feared that it would take too long to teach someone how to do something and it would be faster to do it themselves.

But is that really true?

I was going through my reports the other day of all the work I had done for my clients during the past year. For one of my clients, I had worked 122 hours for her throughout the year. Let’s say that maybe 5-10 hours of that was training for new tasks. She spent less than 10 hours teaching me how to run things, and then I saved her over 100 hours.

With that 100 hours, she was able to focus on her clients, create content, and plan successful launches.

So you tell me, is it more efficient for you to keep doing everything yourself?

What could you do with an extra 100+ hours?