Your business is growing! What's next?2017 was a year of growth for your business.

You landed more clients, got visible, and you’re a go-to person in your industry.

But with that growth comes more responsibilities. More work to get done, more clients to juggle, more systems to manage.

The sense of overwhelm has slowly been increasing.

You’re so excited for what this new year will bring for you and your business. But the thought of your business growing even more and having more work to do seems slightly terrifying.

How can you possibly keep up with #AllTheThings?!

Being a solo biz owner comes with a lot of responsibilities – one of them being that you need to decide when to build a team and outsource some of those responsibilities.

If you don’t take some things off your plate, you’ll be left overworked, overwhelmed and your business will remain stagnant because you won’t have enough hours in your day to bring on more clients.

Not to mention, your husband would prefer if you got off your laptop before 7pm every day.

You started your business because you wanted some type of freedom.

Freedom to do what you love for your dream clients.

Freedom to earn what you’re worth and not let a yearly review decide your income.

Freedom to start your days slow with a cup of coffee and some yoga.

You’re holding yourself back from all those freedoms because you’re chaining yourself to your laptop trying to manage every aspect of your business.

Let your business continue to grow and finally find that freedom you’ve been searching for by building your dream team.

Decide what parts of your biz are the most draining – or that you just hate. If you don’t need to do them, start searching for the perfect team member to hand them off to.

Maybe you need a graphic designer, a Virtual Assistant or bookkeeper. Whoever it is that will add value to your team and let you focus on your zone of genius, welcome them to your team and embrace the growth of your business.

Freedom is closer than you think. You just have to have to put the right pieces in place to make it happen.

Tell me in the comments below, what type of freedom did you start your biz for and how are you going to make it happen this year?

Your business is growing! What's next?