How to use batching to get massive amounts of work doneOur inboxes and social media feeds are full of fresh, new content every single day. “Check out this new webinar!” “Listen to the new podcast episode!”.

There’s pressure in the online biz world to constantly put out fresh content for your audience. Consistently creating awesome content week after week, month after month, gets overwhelming.

There’s really no way around having to create content. To build (+ keep) a strong connection with your audience, you need to be in contact with them frequently, either releasing new podcast episodes, sending emails, or publishing blog posts. And that’s a LOT of content to keep up with!

Want me to share my #1 trick for getting massive amounts of content created? I thought so!
My trick is batching!

What is batching?

Batching is when you do things in groups and knock out a bunch of the same tasks in one day (or time block, however you want to do it!). The best thing about batching is there are no rules and works for any type of business.

Why should you batch create content?

Batch days are my favorite days because I know a ton of work is about to get done! You focus on one type of task, with no distractions or allowing yourself to work on random tasks that pop in your mind. This helps you be more productive and get ahead on your work. It’s so much more productive to sit there and record 4 podcast episodes than to sit down, get set up, and in the right mindset on 4 separate occasions.

Plan your first batch day!

Choose a batch day in your planner that you’ll set aside to a specific type of content creation.
Some ideas for batch content:

  • Podcast episodes
  • Blog posts
  • Newsletters
  • Course content
  • Social media posts
  • Video tutorials

The trick with batch days is you’re only allowed to choose 1 type of content so you’re laser focused. Put your phone on silent, pour your coffee, and get to work! It’s a good idea to focus on the actual creation piece during your batch day. Instead of writing your blog post draft, editing, formatting, uploading to WordPress, creating graphics, etc, choose to focus on writing the drafts first. Get all drafts written, then the next step, and the next. It’s so much quicker to hop in Photoshop and create multiple graphics at the same time then to go in a few times throughout the day. This will keep you from trying to fit too much into your batch day.

Make it a routine

Set aside one day a month you can focus purely on batching new content. As biz owners, we get caught up in our client work, the demands of owning a biz, and staying on top of the latest algorithms that content creation gets pushed last on the list. By having your batch day, you’re able to make sure you’re focusing on creating new content for your audience and spend time enjoying what you really love.

How to use batching to get massive amounts of work done

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