Do these 4 things before you outsource so you hire the right team memberAn issue I’ve seen come up again and again in my work as a Virtual Assistant is that someone decides they want help in their biz, they hurry up and hire someone, and then have no idea what to have them work on.
They stress over what tasks to assign their new team member, and feel stressed thinking about having to teach them how their biz runs.
Thankfully, that doesn’t have to be you! Because, I’m going to help you prepare for outsourcing before you even start looking for your new team member.
When I say “before” you outsource, I mean before you hire, interview, and even start searching for a new team member.
If you’ve already hired team members but are struggling with what tasks to outsource, you can do this process now.

High-Level Tasks

Start by writing down all the high-level tasks you can think of that you work on. Think of high-level as the main project or task. For example, a high-level task would be blog posts or podcast episodes. There’s a lot of little steps that go into those, but overall, those are your main tasks.

Low-Level Tasks

Then, break down those tasks into low-level tasks. These would be all the steps you take to complete the high-level task. Your blog post task may look like this:

High level: Blog Posts

Low level:
Write draft
Upload to WordPress
Create graphics

You get the picture!

Decide what to outsource

Now you get to start having some fun. Bust out your highlighters (or virtual highlighter) and start highlighting every low-level task you want to outsource. You might even find that you can knock an entire high-level task off your to-do list by outsourcing it!

Does it make you money?

Now you have your list of tasks you want to outsource – go you! But before you start posting a Facebook group post about hiring someone, you need to do 1 more thing. Go through each task you highlighted and ask yourself if it helps you make money. Back to that blog post example: if your blog posts provide value to your audience, which build the know, like, trust factor, which turns them into customers and clients, then YES it helps you make money!

If spending 30 minutes each week scheduling Twitter posts is highlighted, but you barely get any traffic to your website from Twitter, NO it doesn’t make you money. And why on earth would you pay someone money to waste their time on Twitter when you aren’t going to get a return on your investment?!
Phew! I’m so glad I was able to share all that with you before you started outsourcing!

do these 4 things before you outsource
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