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There are 2 things I constantly hear people say they spend way too much time on:
1. Social media
2. Creating graphics
They’re both super important to your business. Social media is how you market your biz and interact with your audience. And you want your social media graphics to catch your follower’s eye so they read – and more importantly, click!

Watch today’s tutorial video where I show you exactly how I create templates in Canva – for free!


How can you create social media graphics in seconds?

With templates! Having templates for all the graphics in my biz has saved me so much time. Now, I just need to update the copy on the templates and pop in a new stock image – seriously like 20 seconds! Now I have templates for my Instagram posts, Pinterest images, and Twitter and Facebook promo graphics. Once you have your templates set up, you just do a few, quick updates whenever you need a new graphic.

Decide your graphic goals

Decide what the purpose of each graphic template is before you start creating it. If your goal is to use this graphic to promote your latest blog post, you’ll want it to include space for text and possibly a spot to show off your freebie. If your goal is to inspire your social media followers with quotes, you want to leave plenty of space for the quote and use an easy to read font.

Create your templates

Then, you can get to the fun stuff – creating your templates! Make sure you have your goals outlined and then start playing around with some templates. I used to use Photoshop for all my graphics, but it was a little more time consuming than it should be.
For example, for each Pinterest graphic, I use a different stock photo for my background image. In Photoshop I’d have to go search my Google Drive for the perfect photo, open it up in Photoshop, resize it, and then add it to my template. In Canva, I loaded up all my stock photos in one sitting, and then when I’m creating a graphic I just drag over whichever photo I want to use and it resizes it to fit the template perfectly! You can see how little things like that add up when you’re creating graphics all the time in your biz.

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social media graphics canva
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