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If your social media accounts aren’t growing and attracting the right type of followers (people who will read your blog, join your email list, and pay you cash money) chances are it’s because you’re posting without a strategy.

Once you create your social media calendar, you can have a complete view of what’s getting posted on your social media accounts and when. In today’s post, I’m covering why you need a social media content calendar, how to set it up, and how you can steal my monthly process for creating your calendar!

Why you need a social media content calendar

A social media content calendar will help you plan out what type of content to share and when. It gives you a birds eye view of what’s going on in your biz, like when blog posts are getting published or you’re hosting a sale.
It’s also helpful in making sure you’re posting a variety of content. Without a strategy, it’s easy to post content that doesn’t help you reach your social media goals. If your goal is to land more clients for your design biz, but you’re just posting photos out with your friends, you won’t attract the right people. Set clear goals for each social media account and then create content based on those goals.

Create your calendar

There’s a lot of different ways you can create your social media calendar. If your a paper + pen girl, print out an empty calendar. If you’re a digital girl, like me, create a Google spreadsheet or Trello board and get ready to create! Some social media schedulers, like SmarterQueue, are a huge help in mapping out social media content calendar and you can do most of the work right there in the platform.

Choose your categories

One of the biggest reasons why people don’t post on social media is because they don’t know what to post. Having a set of categories will help lessen the time you spend thinking about what to post and help you cover different aspects of your biz. You don’t want to post 5 promotional posts on Instagram in a row and come off as super salesy to your audience.
Span out your categories to make sure you provide a balance of content. You can share a mix of behind-the-scenes, freebie promos, tips, and paid promos, to name a few.Make sure you have a reason for each category in your social media strategy. If you’re sharing behind-the-scenes, what’s your reasoning behind it? For example, I’ll share some pictures hanging out with my family to show my audience that I’ve been able to create a business that gives me the freedom to do so and not have to work all day long. Or I’ll share occasional inspirational posts because I know starting and growing a biz can sometimes feel like a never ending uphill battle.

Create + schedule your posts

Once you have your categories created and you’ve filled in your content calendar with them, it’s time to create your posts! Schedule a batch day where you knock out all of your social media posts for the month.
Once you’ve created your posts, you’re ready to schedule them! Use a social media scheduler to pre-schedule your content so you’re not posting manually each day. To find out which social media scheduler is right for you, you can check out this post.

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social media content
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