mistake stopping you from booking virtual assistant clients

You’re constantly posting content, writing blog posts, social media content, emailing your list. You’re doing everything you can think of to put yourself “out there”.

But no one’s booking discovery calls and your client list is practically non-existent.

Watch this video to see the #1 mistake Virtual Assistants make that is stopping you from booking clients.


You aren’t telling people what you do

You can’t assume everyone sees every one of your posts. Just because someone follows you on FB, doesn’t mean they’ve seen all of your FB lives. Even though you mentioned 2 weeks ago that you’re a Virtual Assistant, someone reading your Instagram post today or who found your blog post on Pinterest, doesn’t necessarily know you’re a VA.

Even though you may feel repetitive, you have to keep telling people what you do and how you can help them. Keep reminding them you’re a VA and they’ll immediately think of you when they want to hire a VA or if their biz bestie asks if they know any VA’s.

No Calls to Action

Before you create any piece of content, think about what action you want your audience to take after they read, watch or listen to your content. Do you want them to book a discovery call? Do you want them to head to your sales page? Or download your opt-in? Otherwise, people will consume your content and then keep on scrolling or listen to the next podcast episode in their queue.

Tell them you’re accepting new clients

Remind people you’re accepting new clients and to can book a call with you if they’re looking for a VA. A simple, “I’m accepting 2 new clients this month. Do you want to be one of them? Book a call to see if I’m the right team member for you”. A simple reminder and nudge that you can only take on so many clients and that you’re currently accepting new ones, will help potential clients take action and book a call.

These little tweaks to your content will help you start booking more discovery calls and help you become known as a go-to Virtual Assistant in your industry.

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mistake stopping you from booking virtual assistant clients