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Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed, burned out, and not knowing what to focus on in your business? Are you missing out on moments with your family and friends because of a never ending to do list?

Join me each week on the brand new Let’s Talk Lady Biz podcast where I’ll be sharing actionable tips and strategies to help you build a business that feels fun and uses your unique strengths while making the money you desire.

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Today were going to talk about how to change your thoughts so that you can become the woman you want to be, starting today.

As you listen to this episode, you can pause it, if you can, and really think about your answers to a couple questions I’m going to ask you. You can even grab your notebook or a Google doc and use these as some journal prompts for today.

As I ask you these questions, know that there is no right or wrong answer. Make sure you answer from the heart and don’t hold back.

So ask yourself these questions:

✨⁠ Who do I want to become?

✨⁠How does she FEEL?

Guess what? That woman is inside of you. You ARE that woman. You just need to allow yourself to let her shine through and fully step into your next level self.

Now ask yourself

✨⁠How can I start acting and feeling like your next level self today?

⁠When I picture my next-level self, the #1 thing I notice: she’s HAPPY. So freaking happy every day.

When I thought about it, I realized something: I can be happy in any moment if I CHOOSE to be happy.⁠

⁠So I’ve started to become more aware of my thoughts and consciously CHOOSING to feel happy and think more positively.

Instead of feeling frustrated when one of my kids wakes up wayyyy before I thought they would and I can’t get as much work done as I would have liked, I look at it as an OPPORTUNITY to get off my computer and do something fun with them. Whether its run around outside or get some cuddle time while we watch a movie.⁠

Previously, I would have been going through the motions thinking about how I wanted to get more work done and not fully enjoy the moment. Which wasn’t leaving me feeling very happy.

But now, I do my best to embrace the moment, see how I can put a positive spin on the situation and I’ve been feeling happy more consistently throughout the day.⁠ And it’s not that I was feeling sad all day or anything, but instead of just rolling with the punches, I was looking for opportunities to feel happy.

Think about your next-level self. Think about how she feels. As you go throughout your day, if you notice any point in time where you don’t feel like that, ask yourself “how can I feel ___ in this moment”.⁠

Small changes to your thoughts every day will make a big impact on your overall well-being and how you show up every day.

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let's talk lady biz podcast