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Today you’re going to learn how to cut your to-do list in half, by getting a birds eye view at where you’re spending time in your business and then finding your money making tasks.

Why you should track your time

When I was a Virtual Assistant, I was always tracking my time on projects for clients. I knew, down to the second, how much time I spent on each task.

This was incredibly helpful for myself and my clients to know how long each task was taking. I could plan out my week based on what tasks I had for each client, because I knew about how long each one would take me. And then each month I’d send that time report to my clients and they would be able to see:

1) what areas of their business I was spending the most time on

2) if it was WORTH it to pay someone to do that.

As business owners we need to look at the return on our investments – whether it be money investments, time, or energy, and make sure that we are getting a return from it and it’s worth it.

Audit your to-do list

When you look at your to-do list, a lot of those tasks are on there purely out of habit.You started doing something and you got in a routine and then you just kept doing it, but you haven’t assessed if it’s really helping you reach your goals. And maybe it was helping at one time, but that doesn’t mean it’s still helping you and still aligned with the goals you have now.

For example, I had a client who was spending hours and hours every month scheduling Twitter posts. When she hired me she handed that task off to me. Now, Twitter was really the hangout for online business owners for a period of time. But now most people have just moved over to Instagram and aren’t really using Twitter. Seriously, my last tweet was YEARS ago.

She was going through my time reports one month making sure that everything she was paying me to work on was aligned with her goals and where her business was headed. She was able to compare her conversions on Twitter to her conversions from Instagram and Instagram blew Twitter out of the water – but she wasn’t having me spend too much time on Instagram because she didn’t have that much time left in her month because I was spending so much time keeping up with her Twitter schedule. She re-evaluated her marketing strategy and was able to completely eliminate Twitter from her to-do list to go all in on Instagram since she knew that strategy was already working.

What do you spend time on?

When is the last time you re-evaluated what you’re spending time on in your business?

An easy way to do this is to track your time and projects for a week. You can use the free website Toggl and you just quickly type in the project you’re working on, hit the start button and it’ll time you in the background of your browser while you’re working and then once you’re doing with that project, you hit stop. Then, at the end of the week, download the weekly report and go through every single thing you spent time on.

Tracking your time is a great habit to get into on a regular basis anyway because it keeps you focused on the task you’re working on. You’re less likely to grab your phone and scroll through instagram when you know the timer is running.

Categorize each task

Once you have that report of where you’re spending your time and how much time you’re spending on each task, you can grab a pen and assign each task a category. It with either be Do, Delegate, or Eliminate.

If the task is not helping you reach your goals and make money, eliminate it. Cross it off your to-do list for good and stop spending time on it.

If it IS helping you reach your goals, then ask yourself if you should do it, or delegate it.

Let’s say your podcast is helping you book clients and you’re building your network with the people you’re interviewing. So that’s a definite yes to keep on the list. Now recording podcast episodes is something YOU specifically have to do. But, the editing, publishing and promoting of those podcast episodes don’t have to be done by you. So those are things you could pass off to a team member now or in the future.

Maybe you sitting there thinking “Kayleigh I’m not ready to outsource and grow my team just yet” and that is okay. But it’s good to know which tasks you’ll hand off when you are ready.

Go through each task and ask yourself “is this helping me reach my goals and make money?” if the answer is no, eliminate it. If the answer is yes, decide if it’s DO or Delegate.

You will be surprised how much you can eliminate from your to-do list.

Now, you can fill your time and pour your energy into things that are serving you and your audience and helping you reach your goals.

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