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Today I’m going to talk about one of the most common struggles I see business owners facing with their marketing. I hear from people all the time that they’re spending so much time marketing their business and they’re implementing a bunch of marketing strategies but they’re still not getting clients.

And I totally hear you. That’s what I was doing when I first started my business. I wasn’t seeing really any return on my investment in time or investment on the tools I was purchasing. I was purchasing social media schedulers and courses and just all these things, to try to figure out what I needed to do to market my business effectively.

So the big question you have is: Kayleigh, why are these strategies working for other people and not me?

The problem

The #1 reason your marketing strategy isn’t working is that all of your marketing pieces aren’t working together.

You have all these different types of marketing strategies that you’re using in your business, and they’re each working really hard on their own, instead of working as a whole.

Let me give a little example here. say there is this 500 pound boulder that we have to get up a hill. It doesn’t make sense for me to try to push it by myself and you to try to push it yourself.

What we need to do is we would all get together and put all of our energy in getting the boulder up the hill.

Same exact thing for your marketing. If every piece is working super hard on its own, then all of your marketing is going to be kind of just keep chugging along. You might spend time an hour a day creating content for your Facebook page and then 1 hour a day connecting with people on Instagram and a couple hours a week creating content for your blog. But if you’re focused on too many things and all the pieces aren’t working together to get people to the next step of your marketing funnel, then you’re going to waste a whole lot of time.

That is why your marketing strategy isn’t booking you clients or helping you get people in your programs because maybe you’re spending time creating Facebook ads and you’re posting on Instagram all the time you’re recording IGTV videos and then trying to focus on Pinterest. If you’re focusing on all these different things, you’re spending your time marketing your business in so many different ways that you’re not able to give 100% to any one of those things, and that’s why you aren’t seeing results.

Choose ONE Platform

Decide on ONE platform you’re going to focus on to market your business. Then decide what the purpose of each piece of content you create for that platform is. And always make sure you add a Call to Action in your content. Tell your audience what to do next. After they watch your video or read your post, what should they do next?

After you listen to this episode, grab a pen and paper and write down everything you are doing to market your business right now. Then, I want you to cut that list down to 1-2 things. If you have a long list right now, you’re probably thinking I’m crazy and there’s no way you can cut down to 1-2 things.

But let me ask you this: Do you want to keep spending your time marketing your business in 5+ different ways that aren’t working OR would you prefer to go all in on 1-2 platforms and start making money?

Trust me, you can grow your business on just 1-2 platforms. When I realized I focused my time on way too many marketing strategies a few years ago, I just stopped posting and creating content everywhere except Instagram. I knew my ideal clients were on Instagram and that was the easiest way for me to connect with them.

All I did for a year was post on Instagram and do Instagram stories and I booked out my business within 3 months, and because I was consistent with my strategy, I always had a waitlist of people wanting to hire me, so I stayed booked out.

The saying is definitely true: less is more.

Focus on LESS so you can see MORE results.

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Keep going after your dreams and know that I’m rooting for you.

xo Kayleigh