2 phases of a launch

Welcome to the first episode of the Let’s Talk Lady Biz podcast. I’m your host, Kayleigh Hannon and I help women launch their digital products using easy + profitable marketing strategies and then help them sell that product on autopilot, year round using evergreen funnels – all without using paid ads or expensive tools.

Let’s jump into today’s episode where we’re going to talk about the 2 phases to every launch.

Today, I’m going to break down what those 2 phases of your launch are and let you know what to do in each phase. By having this breakdown you’ll be able to create your launch timeline and see exactly what needs to happen at every step of your launch.

Two Phases of a Launch

Phase 1: Pre-Launch

The pre-launch phase is so important to having a successful + profitable launch. The purpose of the pre-launch is to start to educate your audience on your offer topic so they start to see you as an expert in that topic. You of course don’t want to launch something that your audience has never really heard you talk about before. Another purpose of the pre-launch is to attract warm leads who are interested in your product and get them on your email list.

What to do during a pre-launch

First, you’re going to share weekly content. You want to share weekly content leading up to your launch to educate your audience on your offer topic. You also want them to walk away from each piece of content with a quick win or learn something that will help make their life or business better or easier.

Different content types include blog posts, podcasts, YouTube videos, social media posts, live videos, emails. Any where you’re sharing free content is part of your pre-launch content strategy 

Decide what type of content works best for you and deliver it in a way your audience enjoys consuming content. If your audience is on Facebook and loves listening to podcasts, don’t reinvent the wheel here, go to where your audience is. It’s far easier to meet people where they are than try to move them somewhere else.

How long should you share free content for before a launch?

Set aside at least 5 weeks to share weekly content during the pre-launch phase. Make sure in every piece of content, you’re including a Call to Action telling your audience to sign up for a free opt-in that relates to your paid offer. You want to get people on your email list so they get your launch emails when you’re ready to launch. This is a huge part of setting your launch up for success and filling your email list with warm leads.

The second part of your pre-launch is to host a list building event

Your list building event is an event you’ll host to kick off the launch of your new offer. This can be done as a challenge, a webinar, training, or a video series. After your 5 weeks of content, you’re going to promote your list building event for 1 week. Spend a full week promoting your event to get people signed up and on your email list. You want to mention your event every day because this is where you’re going to announce your new product and when people are going to be the most excited to buy.

After you promote your event for a week, it’s time to host your event! Typically, an event will last anywhere from a one-time webinar to a 4 day series. You’ll announce the launch of your new product to the people who signed up for your event, either at the end of your webinar or on the last day of the series.

Phase 2: Launch

As soon as you announce your new product, you’ve transitioned into phase 2 which is your launch.

Your launch is when people can officially buy your product. This is the period from when the cart is open to when the cart closes. Having an open/close launch encourages people to buy because they know the offer is going away and they don’t want to miss out on it. You might be sitting there saying “but Kayleigh I want this to be evergreen so that I don’t have to keep launching it”, don’t worry I’ll teach you how to put it on evergreen the second you close the doors BUT it’s important to have an open/close launch the first time you launch it.

The launch Phase is broken down into 2 different parts with 2 different urgency factors to increase sales + boost conversions.

Part 1: Fast Action Bonus

Rather than just opening the doors for your new product and people waiting to decide until the last minute to join, offer an incentive if they join within the first 48-72 hours after the offer goes live.

Incentives could be a price increase after that time period or special bonuses that disappear after that time period. This will encourage people to sign up quickly instead of putting off the decision to buy.

Part 2: Doors Closing

Closing the doors to your product is going to make people take action now because they know the offer is going away. Pick a date and time to close the cart for your product and make sure to remind your audience on social media and in your emails that the cart is closing and they need to act now.

There you have it, the 2 phases to every launch! Now that you have an overview of the launch phases, it’s time to plan out your launch. Head over to letstalkladybiz.com/podcast to download your 8 week launch calendar now.

2 phases of a launch
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