what's a pre-launch and why you need oneYou’ve heard me talk about the pre-launch phase before but I’ve seen so many people try to skip the pre-launch phase and then they’re left with lackluster results during their launch and they don’t know why. In today’s episode, we’re going to talk about the purpose of a pre-launch and why you shouldn’t launch without one.

What’s a pre-launch?

The entire purpose of your pre-launch is to fill your email list with warm leads of people who want your new product and to build your expert authority on your product topic.

You’re going to pre-launch for at least 6 weeks. During those 6 weeks, you’re going to be sharing weekly free content that establishes you as an authority in your industry. You want to create one epic piece of content each week, whether that be a blog post, podcast episode or video on your YouTube channel. These are going to be your pieces of content that educate your audience on your product topic, they’re going to bust any myths they believe about your product topic, and help them take small action steps.

You want to create really great free content pieces during this time to warm them up for your product launch. They’ll be totally educated on your product topic and ready to buy when you launch.

If you don’t have this pre-launch phase and you just launch your product one day, then you’re spending your launch period educating your audience on why they need your product, showing that you’re an expert, and trying to sell all at the same time. Where if you do the pre-launch phase, you’ve been warming them up for at least 6 weeks and they’re ready to buy, they don’t necessarily need a lot of convincing.

You attract your ideal customers

A big part of your pre-launch is building your email list with warm leads. You do that through offering a free opt-in. Your free opt-in directly relates to your digital product, so it’s attracting people who are interested in your paid offer. This is how you grow your email list so you have people to launch to when you announce your offer.

Your free opt-in can be anything from a checklist, a calendar, template, mini course, roadmap, something simple that gives your audience one tiny piece of the puzzle and naturally transitions into your paid product.

For example, let’s say Ashley is going to launch a course teaching people how to use Trello to manage their projects + team for their online business. Ashley may create a free training that teaches her audience the basics of using Trello. This will help get people on her email list who are interested in using Trello and then it’s an easy transition to her paid product where she has all the Trello Templates they need for their online business that can easily upload into their account.

Throughout your pre-launch, you want to mention your free opt-in every day. Whether it’s in an email, a blog post, social media posts, a Facebook Live, keep mentioning it so that you get people on your email list.

Build your expert authority

You also host your list building event during your pre-launch. We go in-depth into your list building event in episode 9. It’s basically just 1-5 day event where you are showing your audience the types of results you can get them and you’re building your expert authority. This could be through a challenge, training, or video series.

Creating those 5 weeks of free epic content and promoting that free opt-in, and promoting and hosting your list building event are really important things to do before you launch. You don’t want to skip out on these things. If you’ve already launched a digital product and it was kind of a flop, you can still do this. Just re-launch it and follow my 8 week launch calendar, which you can get for free. It breaks down exactly what to do every week of your pre-launch and launch.

what's a pre-launch and why you need one
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