what to do during your launchLaunching can be easy, and pretty stress-free if you have a plan for how you’re going to launch your new offer. The best part is, once you launch once, you know the steps needed to go from idea to fully launched offer.

Let me start by saying, I always follow an 8 week launch plan. I know you’re excited to launch and you want to get your product out into the world, but I’ve broken this down very strategically so that by the time you do launch, you already have a warm list of leads who are interested in your product, versus just springing a product on to your audience and they weren’t warmed up at all.

I’ve created a simple 8 week launch timeline for you to follow that can be repeated over and over again for all of your launches. I break the week’s done into 4 sections so you can see the purpose of each week of your launch and make sure your audience is warmed up to your offer and ready to buy before you actually launch.

Weeks 1-5: Content Creation

Weeks 1-5 are really important to your launch because you’re getting your audience warmed up to needing your offer. You’ll be teaching them about the basics, busting any myths they may believe about that topic and giving them value so they start seeing you as an expert and want more information on how they can get even more help or information on the topic.

During these weeks you’re sharing 2 types of content:

Long form content: which is content you’ll share on a weekly basis like blog posts, podcast episodes, or YouTube videos.

Social media content: the content you’re sharing on your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

You want to make sure that every piece of content you create during this time has a purpose. For example, even the behind-the-scenes posts I share on my Instagram stories have a purpose. Whether it’s showing me playing with my kids during the middle of the day (purpose: to show that running a business doesn’t have to be hard and take up all of your time and take away from your family) or to show glimpses of what I’m working on (purpose: to build excitement for something that’s coming up).

Week 6: Promote List Building Event

Your list building event can be a challenge, video series, or training. This event kicks off your launch by announcing your offer at the end of the event. For example, if you host a 4 day challenge, you’ll announce your offer on day 4 of the challenge.

You’ll spend the entire week 6 promoting this event and sending people to your landing page to sign up and get on your email list. I typically send at least 3 emails to my email list with a Call to Action for them to sign up for the event.

You want to give clear calls-to-action in all of your emails, long form content pieces and social media posts telling people exactly where they can sign up. You’re going to feel like you’re annoying people because you’re talking about this event so much, but that’s a good thing. You want to get as many people signed up for this event as possible so that they can see the value you provide during this event and then they’ll be jumping out of their seat to buy your product.

Week 7: Host Event + Fast Action Bonuses

Week 7 is when things start to get really fun! Everything you’ve worked so hard on comes together and starts happening! You host your List Building Event during this week and will announce your new offer at the end of the event.

To create urgency and encourage people to sign up quickly, rather than waiting until last minute, you’re going to offer a fast action offer. This might be a special early bird discount or special bonuses for the first 2-4 days of your launch.

After announcing your offer to the people who signed up for your event, you can also announce that the offer is available on social media. Then, the next day you’re going to announce it to your email list. So the day after you launch to your event attendees, you launch to your full audience.

Week 8: Fast Action Offer ends + Cart Close

During week 8 is when you are in full blown launch mode. Everything you’re working on this week should be focused on getting people to sign up for your new product.

Your fast action offer will expire at the start of the week and then you’ll continue to launch and share the urgency of doors closing or spots filling up throughout the week. You’ll continue sharing about your offer until the very last moment that doors close.0000

Then you get to celebrate because you’ve launched your new product out into the world and hit your launch goals!

Launching can be FUN + EASY if you have a plan and give yourself enough time to execute it. I break down this entire launch process in my free 8 Week Launch Calendar.

what to do during your launch