4 steps to create your launch content plan

In today’s episode we’re going to talk about the 4 steps to creating your launch content plan. You want to be super strategic with every piece of content you’re creating during your pre-launch and launch. You want to create a content plan so that each piece of content has a purpose, and you aren’t stuck trying to figure out what to publish on your blog the day before you’re supposed to hit publish.

By creating a plan, you can create a content journey for your audience and guide them through what pieces of content they need to learn in a specific order before you announce your product.

1. Choose your platforms

Your first step in creating your launch content plan is to choose which platforms you’ll be posting content on.

I’m going to share what my content strategy is in a second but I want to say this first: if you’re just getting started marketing your business, choose one content platform and one social media platform. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself and try to be everywhere right out of the gate.

A content platform would be something like a blog, podcast, or YouTube channel. Your social media platform would be Instagram, a Facebook page, a Facebook group, Twitter, etc. If you’ve been marketing your business for a while and you have a content marketing system that works for you, stick to those platforms.

Take a peek at my strategy:

I create podcast episodes and I release them Netflix style with an entire season at a time. I then promote one episode a week to my email list, which I send out on Tuesdays. I also take my podcast scripts and upload them as blog posts to my website. Then, I break down each episode into at least 2-4 social media posts for me to share on Instagram and in my Facebook group. I might share them in my Instagram feed or Instagram stories and I might publish a written post in my Facebook group or go live to elaborate more on a specific topic. Whichever way feels right to share on social media is what I go with.

Even though I’m using a few different platforms to share content, I’m only creating one big piece of content. I’m just taking that one piece of content and repurposing it to turn it into 7-9 pieces of content.

The key with your content strategy isn’t to reinvent the wheel and create new content every single day. The key is to create one epic piece of content each week that you can share on your main content platform and then repurpose it and use it on multiple different platforms to grow your reach and get maximum exposure.

2. Choose your content topics

Next, is my favorite part about your content plan, choosing your topics! When thinking about the content you want to share leading up to your launch, ask yourself what content your dream customer needs to hear or see before purchasing your product.

I go more in depth into coming up with your content topics and in episode 6 so be sure to listen to that next to figure out exactly what content topics you’ll share.

3. Create your content schedule

Now it’s time to open up your Project Management System, like Asana or Trello, or grab your calendar so you can plan out your content and launch dates. I like to work backwards by choosing the launch date for when I’ll announce my new product and then add in all my content dates. Give yourself about 4-6 weeks to share content that relates to your offer leading up to your launch.

Creating your content schedule is super easy and will save you a lot of time and sanity throughout the month when you know exactly what to post each day. Start by picking one day a week to share a super valuable, longer piece of content each week. This might be a podcast episode, blog post, or video. Then pick what days you’ll post on social media and send emails each week.

Take a peek at my strategy:

I typically post Instagram stories every day
Monday: IG feed
Tuesday: Podcast episode goes live, gets published on blog, promote podcast ep via email, IG stories, IG feed + FB group.
Wednesday: IG feed + FB Live
Thursday: Promo podcast ep on IG stories
Friday: IG feed
I also typically post Instagram stories every day

4. Scheduling your content topics

Your next step is to write down which topic you’ll talk about each week. Grab your list of topics you came up with and start putting them in the order they should be shared. Think about the content journey you want your ideal customers to go through over the next 4-6 weeks leading up to your launch.

Once you know what order they’ll go in, add them to your PM system and assign them to yourself or your team so you can stay on track and know exactly what you’re working on, without getting distracted.

Once you know what topic you’ll be focused on each week, start filling out the rest of your calendar with when and where you’ll promote your longer piece of content and share any other content your audience needs. I like to share behind-the-scenes content on Instagram and do mini trainings in my Facebook group on topics I think are important.

My best tip for a successful and stress free launch

I’ve worked behind the scenes of dozens of businesses and, of course, run my own, so there’s one thing that I’ve seen that can keep any launch on schedule and stress free: keeping everything in a project management system!

The launches I’ve been a part of that were not mapped out in a PM system typically led to things getting missed and forgotten or everything was worked on last minute and the launch felt stressful and rushed. That is not the kind of launch you want!

I know you are a go-getter and have an amazing product to share with your audience, so take the time to add all of your content topics to your PM system along with any tasks that must be completed to get your content created, scheduled and promoted. Go through each task and add due dates and make sure it’s realistic for you to finish the tasks you say you’re going to each day.

4 steps to create your launch content plan
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