5 ways to grow your audience before you launchIn today’s episode, I’m going to talk about 5 ways to grow your audience before you launch so that you have people to launch your digital product to.

Guest speaker

One big way to grow your email list and social followings is to get in front of other people’s audiences. Think of a few topics you’d love to talk about and research some business owners in similar industries as yours. Start connecting with them on social media, share their content, send them an email and ask them to go for a virtual coffee date with you on Zoom. Just start making connections!

Some ideas to help you get started are asking to be a guest on a podcast, doing an Instagram story takeover for a day, doing a Facebook Live in a Facebook group, or hosting a training in someone’s membership.

Find out people’s offerings and what content platforms they’re showing up on and then decide the best way to go about pitching them.

Another great way to get in front of new audiences is to be a speaker for online summits. These are really popular and it’s a way to get in front of multiple people’s audiences, with just one presentation. 

Joint ventures

Another way to grow your audience is to do joint ventures with people who have a similar audience. You could do a joint venture training or webinar where the two of you put together a presentation and promote it to both of your audiences. You could even use this to announce the launch of your product and do a collaboration with special bonuses from your partner.

Host a giveaway

A giveaway is a great way to grow your audience because people love free stuff. The key to a successful giveaway is to choose something to give away that your ideal client really wants and that relates to your product so that you’re filling your email list with warm leads. You don’t want to offer an iPad and then you’re getting a bunch of random people who just want an iPad and don’t care about what you offer.

When choosing what to give away, ask yourself what types of things compliment your product. For example, if you’re launching a course teaching people how to use podcasts for their business, you could offer a free spot in your course along with a Blue Yeti microphone. You don’t have to include physical products, but coming up with fun things that compliment your product and excite your audience will get people eager to sign up. 

Host a list building event

The next way to grow your audience is to host a list building event where you’ll announce your new product at the end of the event. This could be a challenge, video series, webinar, or workshop. You promote this event heavily for at least 1-2 weeks during your pre-launch and it gets people excited and ready for your launch. I go into more detail on list building events and which one is right for you in episode 9.

Affiliate program

A bonus way to grow your audience before you launch your product is to create an affiliate program. An affiliate program is where you’d ask people with a similar audience to share your product with their audience and then you’d give them a commission for the people they refer to you who make a purchase. You can set this up pretty easily on WordPress with the AffiliateWP plugin or most course websites have some type of affiliate program you can use.

Your affiliates would promote your launch to their audiences which will get more eyes on your product and grow your audience. Make your affiliate program as easy as possible by creating email swipe files and promotional graphics for your affiliates. The easier you make it for your affiliates, the more they’ll share.

There are 5 easy ways you can grow your audience before your launch! Start planning now what strategies you’ll use to grow your audience so that you have warm leads on your email list ready to buy your new product.

5 ways to grow your audience before you launch
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