how to pre-sell your productI’m really excited for today’s episode because we’re going to talk about how to pre-sell your offer and why you should. The cool thing about a pre-sale is that you basically get paid to create your product. Which is amazing, right?! And when you pre-sell something, you get to verify that there is a need and people are willing to pay for your product before you spend all that time creating it.

What does pre-selling mean?

Let’s back up to what pre-selling means. Pre-selling is when you would launch, but you wouldn’t have actually created the product yet. You might have created the first week or two of content for a course, but you wouldn’t create the entire thing.

How you sell this during your launch is you just tell people when they’ll get access. So maybe you’re launching a course, you can tell them that the course will start on a specific date and they’ll get access to one module every week for 6 weeks.

Or if you’re launching a workshop, you can have people buy it and tell them that they’ll get access to the workshop on a specific date.

Why should I pre-sell?

The purpose of this is that you can ask people if they’ll pay for something and they might say yes, but when it comes time to take out their wallet and actually buy it, that’s a different story. You want to validate your idea and create something your audience really wants. You want to make sure people are willing to pay for this and you don’t waste time creating something that your audience isn’t interested in.

You will create your free opt-in which you’ll promote during your pre-launch, so you’ll have a list of warm leads, but a pre-sale helps you move them from free content consumer to paying customer. Getting someone to sign up for a freebie is much easier than getting them to buy your product. By offering the pre-sale you’re saving yourself a ton of content creation time and you’re getting paid to create the product because once people start buying, you know the demand is there.

How to pre-sell

Now let’s talk about how you can get your product ready for pre-selling. You want to make sure that you have everything that your product will consist of mapped out. Figure out what it is you’re going to create, topics you’ll cover, templates you’ll create, how you’ll deliver the content, will you create video trainings or workbooks, or will you deliver the trainings live each week, etc. You want to know exactly what you plan on giving your buyers so that you can tell them what they get on your sales page. You don’t want people to question what they’re going to get and not have an answer for them when they ask how it will be delivered.

You also want to make sure you give yourself plenty of time to create and deliver the content after the pre-sale. That’s why I recommend having 1 or 2 weeks of a course created before you launch so you aren’t cramming to create a module a week and you have a little bit more time. Figure out what steps you’ll have to take to create your product and then map it out in your project management system. Start assigning due dates to yourself of when you’ll be able to work on each step so you can see how long it’s actually going to take to create it. Then, you can share that date with your audience and put it on your sales page to let people know that’s when they’ll get access.

Pre-sell urgency factor

Since you’ll be pre-selling your product and it’s not created yet, you can offer this is a discount price and actually tell people that it’s a pre-sale. You can use that as an urgency factor and let your audience know that once the product is created and you re-launch it, it’s going to be more expensive. Then, you can gather testimonials from the people who bought during your pre-launch to use on your sales page once the product is created.

If you take away one thing from this episode, let it be this: don’t waste weeks or months creating something before you know people are willing to pay for it. Use that time to pre-launch and pre-sell your product and then once you have customers, create it and deliver it.

how to pre-sell your product
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