4 Types of Events to Kick off Your LaunchIn today’s episode we’re going to talk about 4 list building events you can host to kick off your launch. Now, you’re only going to host one of these events per launch, not all 4.

A list building event is going to help you grow your audience and get people excited about your offer when you launch. At the end of the event or on the last day of the event, you’ll announce your new offer. This is the event that officially kicks off your launch.

You provide value during this event and get your audience excited to learn more on the topic and position yourself as an expert on the topic.

Let’s jump in to the 4 types of events you can use to kick off your launch

1. Host a challenge

The first event is a challenge. Hosting a challenge is a great way to give your audience quick results by getting them to take action. The purpose of a challenge is to show your audience that you can get them results on a very small scale, just from a few, quick days. This makes them super eager to jump at the chance to buy your digital product because you’ve already gotten them results from your free challenge that they can only imagine the types of results they’ll get from your paid product.

Challenges typically last 3-5 days and you encourage your audience to take 1 small action each day during the challenge. You can deliver your challenge content in a variety of ways, including pre-recorded videos, live videos, Facebook Lives, worksheets, email. Whatever way you think is the best way for your audience to receive the information is how you should give it to them.

The key to getting people to actually take action during your challenge is to give people quick wins. A quick win is when they take a tiny action step and get results immediately. You aren’t trying to teach them everything in this challenge, you’re just showing them that you know your stuff, you can help them get results, and you’re establishing your expert authority.

2. Webinar/Training

The second type of event is a training. This can be referred to as a training, webinar, or masterclass. It’s a pre-recorded or live video where you teach for at least 30-60 minutes and then announce your digital product at the end.

There are so many ways you can deliver a video training. You can host it on your own website, through Facebook Live, Zoom, YouTube, or a webinar host. It really matters what way is easiest for you and where you feel most comfortable teaching.

You also want to make sure that whatever platform you choose allows you to deliver the content the way you’d like. If you want to share your screen, or be able to see questions that come in during the live premiere of the training, you need to make sure that you can do that where you’re hosting your training.

3. Workshop

A workshop is similar to a training, except your audience will be taking action and actually working during the workshop. They should end up completing something by the end of the workshop. For example, maybe your digital product is a 90 day marketing plan course where they map out their content strategy for all of their content platforms including social media, email, their blog or podcast. Your workshop could walk them through creating a 30 day Instagram strategy where they create their Instagram strategy while watching the workshop.

Since a workshop is interactive, you might have a workbook that they fill out as they watch, activities to complete, or exercises.

4. Video series

The next event you can host is a video series. This is when you’ll create 3 or 4 videos to deliver over 3 or 4 days to your audience. 

A video series is a great way to get people used to seeing your face and be seen as an expert. People love video content and really start to feel like they know you when they see you on video.

The key to a video series is to teach them just one tiny thing a day. You aren’t delivering 4 videos that should be online course lessons. You want them to be quick + actionable enough where people can listen and learn something amazing or take a quick action that helps make their life or business better or easier.

You don’t need to give them the whole pie here, you just need to give them a taste to get them to want more.

Your videos don’t have to be fancy. There’s no need to order a new webcam and ring light for your launch. Use what you have and improve as you and your business grows. Your videos can be a few minutes long, have powerpoints, just be face to face with the camera, you can host them through Facebook Live, or Zoom, or self-host them on your website. Whatever way is easiest for you, do that.

4 Types of Events to Kick off Your Launch
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