4 Urgency Factors to Boost Sales During Your LaunchIn today’s episode we’re going to talk about 3 urgency factors to boost sales during your launch. Having urgency factors encourages people to take action. Which is why I encourage you to include some or all of these urgency factors in your launch to increase conversions and turn more people into buyers.

Urgency factors also help you make sales all throughout your launch, versus people just waiting until the last minute to buy or saying “I’ll check that out later” and potentially forgetting about it.

Let’s jump right into the first urgency factor which is doors closing.

1. Doors Close

Now, you might be sitting there saying “but Kayleigh I want an evergreen product so I can make passive income”. The first time you launch your digital product, you want to close the doors and then start setting up your evergreen funnels right after your launch. But for your launch, I really want you to close the doors because this is going to make the difference between people saying “omg yes I need this” and saying “oh that’s cool, I’ll check it out later”.

People need that sense of urgency and they’re more likely to buy and buy quicker, if they know the offer is going to go away.

Pick a launch period for your product and choose a date of when it’s going to close to the public. After that, only people who go through your evergreen funnel that you’ll set up afterwards will be able to purchase it. I suggest your launch period being between 7-10 days to give your audience enough time to take action and they’ll be able to hear about your product multiple times and the more they see it and hear about it, the more likely they are to buy.

2. Fast Action Bonuses

The second urgency factor to include in your launch is offering fast action bonuses for the first 24-48 hours after you launch. A fast action bonus could include anything from a private 1:1 call, to an additional training or templates. You can also do a bundle of fast action bonuses. For example, everyone who joins within the first 48 hours will get to join me for a live group Q+A session.

You want this to be juicy enough where they want to take action and join right now so that they don’t miss out on that special bonus.

3. Early Bird Pricing

The next urgency factor is early bird pricing. Early bird pricing is when people who sign up within a specific time frame after you launch will get a special discounted offer. Maybe you sell a $197 product, you could offer it for $147. Or maybe you’re launching individual templates and you want to offer people a special bundle that’s only available for a certain amount of time after you launch and the bundle is a little cheaper than them having to buy each product individually.

4. Extra Bonus Added

The 4th way to add urgency to your launch is to offer an extra bonus. To add an extra incentive during the middle of your launch so you don’t see a mid-launch drop where people missed the early bird pricing but the doors closing are still a few days away, you can announce a special bonus for all buyers. This gives potential buyers a little extra incentive to join now and help those people who were on the fence make the decision to buy.  Sometimes it’s just that one little extra thing that pushes people to go from a “maybe” to a “yes”.

An extra bonus could be a masterclass that compliments your product, a special group Q+A call, a Facebook group, a set of templates that will help them get results better or quicker.

Get creative here and brainstorm how you can include urgency factors into your launch to boost sales. I have a sample 8 week launch calendar to give you an idea of how to plan out your urgency factors. 

4 Urgency Factors to Boost Sales During Your Launch
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