4 steps to attract your ideal client

TBH I totally struggled at first and getting clients wasn’t as easy as I’d hoped. But once I cracked the code to running an online business, clients started flocking to me and I became one of the most sought after Virtual Assistants + Social Media Managers.

Instead of trying (aka flailing around aimlessly) to book your first client, I’ll give you the shortcut and share the 3 things that helped me attract my first (+ next) paying clients.

1. Decide who your ideal client is

I hate to break it to you, but ‘online business owner’ is not an ideal client. Narrow down your ideal client by thinking about what type of client you would LOVE to work with.

What type of work do they do? Do they sell physical products, services, courses? What do they struggle with?

Once you have a clear idea of WHO you want to help, you’ll be able to talk directly to them in your social media posts, emails and services page.

2. Have a clear + simple offer

Just because you *can* do a lot of things, doesn’t mean you should. Or that you should write it all on your services page.

When I was struggling to book clients, I had a huge list of every task I could do. Inbox management? Check. Build a funnel? Sure. Write blog posts? You’ve got it!

But the issue was, even though I was actually really good at all of those things, my ideal client got lost on my page. They were so overwhelmed thinking about all the things they could hand off, that they would leave.

I decided to revamp my services page and started doing some research on the MOST time consuming tasks business owners wanted to hand off, and I narrowed it down to 3 specific tasks that I loved doing (and would give them the most ROI).

I started getting dream clients in my inbox within days of that little change.

Narrow down your offer + figure out what your ideal client NEEDS.

3. Price your packages accordingly

If you price your services super low, you’re going to attract people who are looking for a bargain, instead of clients that treat this as an investment in their business.

When you’re a VA or SMM it’s super easy to be booked out consistently  if you book the right clients who are looking for a team member and not just a quick fix.

If you want to attract clients who value your time and skills (+ are looking for a long-term team member), charge enough to represent that value.

4. Constantly tell your audience who your ideal client is!⁠

⁠🔑 This is key that most people skip. Make it very known who your ideal client is. Talk about them in your IG stories, in your emails, on your services page.⁠

Ready to start pitching your services?

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4 steps to attract your ideal client