7 ways to attract a new client today

Struggling to find any new client leads?⁠ The issue isn’t your packages or prices, it’s that you aren’t putting your services in front of enough people (or anyone).

Here are 7 easy things you can do today to attract a new client:

⚡Follow up with someone you had a discovery call with⁠

⚡Share about it in your IG stories⁠

⚡Send an email to your email list letting them know you have spots open⁠

⚡Host a FB Live and let them know how you can help them⁠

⚡Write an IG post tell them to head to your sales page⁠

⚡Send an email to past clients asking for referrals⁠

⚡Tell people to DM you to hop on a discovery call this week⁠

Pick one (or do them all!) and put yourself out there!⁠

You have an amazing offer and it’s time your ideal clients see it.⁠instagram story sales script

7 ways to attract a new client today