how to engage with potential clients

By far the most common question I get asked is “how do I reach out to potential clients without sounding salesy”

Have you ever gotten a DM before where someone starts messaging you asking if you want to hire them – and you have NO clue who they are and you’ve never spoken to them before? My guess is you have!

Those types of messages ARE salesy and will probably turn that person off from ever hiring you.

So how can you reach out and start engaging with potential clients, without cold pitching and sounding salesy? Here are 2 ways to build connections with your ideal clients:

#1 Engage With New Followers

If someone follows you and looks like they could be you’re ideal client, go through their last few feed posts and like them. If they made a great point, said something funny or something they said resonated with you, tell them in a comment! Don’t just leave an emoji or one word comment. You want to start a conversation so leave a thoughtful comment to get the conversation started.

#2 Actively Engage With Your Audience

Engaging is a two way street. Don’t just expect people to suddenly start watching your IG stories and DMing you every day. To build a relationship with someone you want to follow them and engage with THEIR content as well. Watch their stories, answer their polls, DM them if you have something to say about their latest post.

These conversations don’t have to be strictly about business. Maybe their dog was in the background and you thought they were cute, or you found out they’re just as obsessed with the Bachelorette as you are. Think of what you’d say to a friend if they posted that, don’t just look at it as a sales opportunity.

#3 Trust That the Right Clients Will Hire You

Not everyone is going to hire you and that’s okay! But having connections in this online business world is going to help you get results faster than doing it alone.

how to engage with potential clients

how to engage with potential clients