The #1 Mistake Virtual Assistants Make That Stops Them from Booking Clients

The #1 mistake Virtual Assistants make that stops them from booking clients

You’re constantly posting content, writing blog posts, social media content, emailing your list. You’re doing everything you can think of to put yourself “out there”. But no one’s booking discovery calls and your client list is practically non-existent. Watch this video to see the #1 mistake Virtual Assistants make that is stopping you from booking […]

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5 Hidden Benefits of Evergreen Webinars

5 hidden benefits of evergreen webinars

Prefer to listen to the audio version? Click the play button below. Using evergreen webinars as your opt-in is a great way to get people on your email list, but there’s so many more benefits than that! Today, I’m going to share 5 hidden benefits of using evergreen webinars for your online business. 1. It […]

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5 Quick + Simple Tips to Create Your First Evergreen Webinar

5 quick and simple tips to create your first evergreen webinar

Prefer to listen to the audio version of this post? Click the play button below. Chances are you’ve watched a webinar or have thought about creating one yourself. But hosting one live? Not worth the tech headaches or having to spend ALL that time creating a webinar, just to have it seen by your audience […]

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14 Tools to Run Your Service-Based Business

14 tools to run your service based business

This post contains affiliate links which means I may receive a commission if you make a purchase using one of my links. I only share tools that I’ve tried and tested and that I think can help you run your business. Running your service-based business can get overwhelming – fast, if you don’t have the […]

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The First Step to Book More Clients

The first step to book more clients

Remember when people were picking teams in gym class and your hands started to get sweaty when you weren’t hearing your name? Standing there waiting for someone to finally say your name. Offering 1:1 services can sometimes feel like that. Like everyone else is getting picked and you’re just waiting around to hear your name. […]

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Why I Use Canva for Creating Graphics Instead of Photoshop

Why I use Canva to create social media graphics instead of Photoshop

Confession: I didn’t really like Canva the first time I used it. I thought that I had a lot more flexibility in Photoshop and could create more professional graphics there. I thought my graphics wouldn’t look as good in Canva as they could in Photoshop. I learned how to use Photoshop, created a few templates […]

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Use Later to Plan and Strategize Your Instagram Feed

Use Later to plan and strategize your Instagram feed

  I’ve gone all out on Instagram this year and I’ve been having a blast. It’s such a fun place to hang out, meet new biz people, and connect with your audience. Not to mention, I love finding a new person and scrolling back to 2013 because their feed is so gorg to look at. […]

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3 Ways to Make Your Social Media Graphics Stand Out

3 ways to make your social media graphics stand out

People see hundreds of graphics when scrolling through social media. You definitely don’t want to spend time creating graphics, just for them to scroll right by them. You want to make them stop – and click! When creating graphics to post on social media, there are 3 easy things you can do to make your […]

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Create Your Monthly Social Media Content Calendar

Create your monthly social media content calendar

If your social media accounts aren’t growing and attracting the right type of followers (people who will read your blog, join your email list, and pay you cash money) chances are it’s because you’re posting without a strategy. Once you create your social media calendar, you can have a complete view of what’s getting posted […]

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Create Social Media Graphics for Your Biz in Seconds with Canva

Create social media graphics in seconds with Canva

There are 2 things I constantly hear people say they spend way too much time on: 1. Social media 2. Creating graphics They’re both super important to your business. Social media is how you market your biz and interact with your audience. And you want your social media graphics to catch your follower’s eye so […]

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