8 List Building Strategies

8 List Building StrategiesOne of the best ways to connect with your audience is through your email list. You don’t have to worry about algorithms or paying to get seen. How freaking awesome is that?!
Today we’re going to talk about 8 different list building strategies, and which one is right for you.

I’m going to break down this post into 2 categories: quarterly list building events and evergreen opt-ins.

The quarterly events take more time to prepare than the evergreen opt-ins since they’re typically longer in content. You would also do a promotional period for your quarterly strategies to build buzz before the live event and get people to sign up beforehand. These are meant to get a lot of people on your email list in a short amount of time.

The evergreen opt-ins are available year round so that you are constantly building your email list. These are quicker to create and and don’t have a launch period where you would have to get people to sign up before it’s available. I’ve created evergreen opt-ins and added them to my website in less than 30 minutes, so they’re really easy to get started!

Quarterly list building events

Host a challenge

Hosting a challenge is a great way to give your audience quick results by getting them to take action. Challenges typically last a couple days and you encourage your audience to take 1 small action each day during the challenge.
The key to getting people to actually take action during your challenge is to give people quick wins. A quick win is when they take a tiny action step and get results immediately. You aren’t trying to teach them everything in this challenge, you’re just showing them that you know your stuff and showing them you’re an expert.


There are so many ways you can deliver a video training. You can host it on your own website, through Facebook Live, YouTube, a webinar host. It really matters what way is easiest for you and where you feel most comfortable teaching.
You can host a workshop that’s interactive where your audience will be following along with you and doing activities, exercises, or filling things out. Or you can just teach a specific topic where they can take notes as they follow along.

Video series

Have a topic you could break up into a couple videos? A video series is a great way to get people used to seeing your face and be seen as an expert. Your videos don’t have to be fancy. They can be a few minutes long, have powerpoints, or just be face to face with the camera.


Giveaways can help grow your email list quickly. You can give each person extra entries for sharing the giveaway with their friends or on social media. This was, the people who are entering the giveaway are basically doing your marketing for you!
The key with a giveaway is to make the things you’re giving away relevant to your products or services. You don’t want to give away an iPad and then get a bunch of people to sign up who aren’t interested in your services and are just interested in the prize. You could giveaway a spot in one of your programs, subscriptions to online tools and platforms, or items your ideal client would use on a regular basis.

Online summit

Let me start by saying, online summits are a lot of work. I helped a client prep and launch an online summit and it’s something that comes together over (at least) a couple months. I would try one of the other quarterly list building strategies first if you’ve never done one before.
Now that that’s out of the way 🙂 Online summits can grow your email list with tons of potential clients and customers. An online summit is when you invite a group of experts to teach on different topics related to your main summit topic. By getting a variety of people to speak at your online summit you’ll end up getting in front of all of their audiences at once. So instead of being interviewed on 15 podcasts to get your name out there, you can just host the summit and have each speaker send at least 1-2 emails promoting the summit to their own email list and on social media. My friend, Krista, has tons of great resources about hosting your first online summit, here.

Evergreen opt-ins

Quarterly list building events will help get a bunch of people on your email list at one time. But, you also want to use evergreen opt-ins that you can set up once and leave on your website for people to sign up for all year long. You can also repurpose any of the content from your quarterly list building strategies and make them evergreen after you host them. If you don’t have any list building strategies in place at the moment, you could start off with a quarterly event and then repurpose the content as an evergreen opt-in. Less stress and you don’t have to come up with two ideas!


This is probably the quickest option to get your opt-in on your website and to start getting email subscribers. You can create these in Canva or Google docs within a few minutes! The goal of your download is to give your audience a quick win. They can learn something new really quickly or take action right after they finish reading/filling out your download.
Don’t overthink your opt-in idea, just think of ONE quick win you can give your audience that relates to your products or services.


I don’t know about you, but I love a good quiz! Quizzes aren’t only helpful to your audience, they’re helpful to you because you get so much insight into your ideal clients and customers. You can see what they’re answering and notice any trends. You’ll also have a better understanding of your audience and you can create new offers based on your audience’s needs.

Mini email course

With an email course, you can break down a topic into a few parts so that your email subscribers get a quick win each day. You’ll send an email to them every day and build the know, like, trust factor.
If you’ve ever done a content series, you can repurpose the content from that by packaging it all up in a mini email course.
Bonus: Your audience will get used to seeing your name in their inbox so they’ll be more likely to open future emails from you!

Remember this…

Don’t drive yourself crazy coming up with ideas for your list building strategy. When deciding which one to choose, ask yourself these questions:
1. What does my ideal client want to know?
2. What’s the very first step they need to take to figure it out? (hey don’t need to see the whole staircase right now, just one tiny step)
3. Which list building strategy would work best for this?

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5 Hidden Benefits of Evergreen Webinars

5 hidden benefits of evergreen webinars

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Using evergreen webinars as your opt-in is a great way to get people on your email list, but there’s so many more benefits than that! Today, I’m going to share 5 hidden benefits of using evergreen webinars for your online business.

1. It nurtures your new subscribers

A subscriber isn’t going to feel as much of a connection to you by downloading a PDF, as they would hanging out with you for 30 mins to an hour on a webinar. Even though evergreen webinars aren’t live, your new subscriber is getting to know YOU, aka the person behind the biz. They’re also getting value and learning from you, which is helping them trust you more.

2. Limited maintenance

This is one of my fave benefits, of course. Something you can truly set up once and then just check in once in a while to make sure it’s running smoothly? Yes, please! Evergreen webinars really don’t need much maintenance. You can check the stats and see if any comments have come in (if you even choose to enable comments), but other than that, set it and forget it!

3. You get to show your personality w/out the hassle of going LIVE

I love reading people’s emails or social media posts but I feel even more connected to them after I see them on video or hear them speak. It humanizes your brand and helps them get a feel for what your personality is like. After seeing you teach a webinar they’ve gotten a taste of what your teaching style is and if it resonates with them, which can help them make a decision of whether they want to work with you or buy your digital product.

4. You build your expert status

If you pack your webinar with value, people will be anxiously waiting for your offer. Seriously, I’ve sat in webinars just waiting to hear what the offer is because I had already learned so much from the webinar and wanted to learn more. Imagine if you help your ideal clients realize a mindset block that’s been getting in their way for months, in just 15 mins. They’ll be so freaking excited about what their life would be like after working with you for 6 weeks. Or if you show them how easy + stress-free it can be to write their About page copy, just from a few simple prompts, they’ll be banging down the door to get their hands on your kit to write their entire sales page copy.

5. Recurring revenue

Need I say more? An evergreen webinar works as a round-the-clock marketing machine.

Going on vacation? Your webinar is still selling for you
Is it the weekend? Don’t worry, your webinar is still selling for you.
Need to take a mental health day? Your webinar is still selling for you.

Even when you aren’t working, your evergreen webinar is.
THAT is my kinda marketing.

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5 Quick + Simple Tips to Create Your First Evergreen Webinar


5 quick and simple tips to create your first evergreen webinarPrefer to listen to the audio version of this post? Click the play button below.

Chances are you’ve watched a webinar or have thought about creating one yourself. But hosting one live? Not worth the tech headaches or having to spend ALL that time creating a webinar, just to have it seen by your audience for a couple days. That’s where evergreen webinars come in. You don’t have to show up live, it’s constantly doing your marketing for you and people can watch it when it’s convenient for them. And I don’t know about you, but whenever I sign up for a live webinar, I typically forget about it if I can’t watch it right now.

Ready to get started creating your first evergreen webinar? Here’s 5 quick + simple tips to get you started:

1. Don’t overcomplicate it

I run a simple business. I don’t want to build my biz on complicated strategies – so I don’t. I’m assuming you don’t want to have a complicated biz either, right? When you think about it, all you need for your webinar is a sign up form, landing page, and an email sequence (because we want to convert those watchers to clients + customers!). Sounds pretty simple, right? Don’t let yourself get caught up in the tech stuff or the steps it’ll take to launch your evergreen webinar. There really aren’t that many steps and you probably know how to do most them already!

2. Host it on your own website

The first thing people do when they decide they want to create an evergreen webinar? Google “webinar platforms” and start seeing the crazy price tags. Then, they throw out the idea of creating their own webinar because it’s too expensive and the tools look complicated anyway.

But like I said, I like to keep things simple. I wanted to create a webinar and wasn’t about to drop a couple hundred bucks on a new tool, so I uploaded my video to YouTube and embedded it on a landing page on my website. Simple enough! Huge perk: the webinar landing page was branded to my business since it was on my own website and it took me about 3 steps to create the page.

3. Fancy video equipment not required

One of my fave tools for recording (my face or my screen) is Loom. It’s free and you can pause + resume recording at anytime, which really saves the day when the dogs barking or your baby wakes up from her nap 😉

I also like QuickTime, if you have a Mac, since you can highlight what part of the screen you want to share.

There’s plenty of free options for recording your webinar, so don’t start thinking you need to head to Amazon to get a fancy camera and light setup. Use what you have and get that webinar recorded, girl!

4. Follow this simple 3 step webinar format

When you’re creating your webinar, remember that people want VALUE. There’s nothing I hate more than watching a webinar where the host talks about themselves for 20 mins, teaches for about 10-15 mins and then tries to sell me for another 15-20 mins. Yes, you should sell to your audience at the end, but if there’s no real value in the beginning of the webinar they’re A) not going to stick around long enough to hear your pitch or B) just not hire you. Provide value, teach them something, and make it worth their time to be there.
I like to keep webinars to around 30 mins instead of an hour (if you can depending on what you’re teaching) because, let’s face it, everyone is in a hurry and wants to consume content as quickly as possible.

Here’s an easy format to follow:

First 5 mins: Intro + what they’ll learn
15-20 mins: Value/Education
Last 10 mins: Sell your service/product. If you can’t tell me what you’re selling + why I need it in less than 10 mins, you have to simplify your pitch + your offering.

5. Add urgency to your webinar

Just because your webinar is evergreen, doesn’t mean that people have unlimited amounts of time to watch it or get your offer.

Here’s 3 ways to add urgency to your evergreen webinar:
Close the cart to your offer
Special discount or bonuses expire in X days
Replay expires in X days

For the countdown timer and page redirect, I use the timer in the Elementor Pro plugin for WordPress ($49 / year). You can also use the free Evergreen Countdown Timer plugin for WordPress. These work just as well as the tools with an expensive monthly fee!

Do you feel empowered to create your own evergreen webinar? Remember, don’t overcomplicate it. You can make it as simple as you’d like. The most important thing is getting it up and running so you can share your value with your audience + start converting them into customers + clients!

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The First Step to Book More Clients

the first step to book more clients

Remember when people were picking teams in gym class and your hands started to get sweaty when you weren’t hearing your name?

Standing there waiting for someone to finally say your name.

Offering 1:1 services can sometimes feel like that.

Like everyone else is getting picked and you’re just waiting around to hear your name.

So how can you up your game and become the first pick?

It’s all about CONSISTENCY and providing VALUE.

➡ You want people to notice you? SHOW UP. Not just for a week, or heck maybe a couple weeks if you’re really feeling motivated. Show up consistently.

That doesn’t mean you need to publish a blog post every day. Showing up consistently can be scheduling 5 Instagram posts at the beginning of the week. Or spending 1 day creating an entire months worth of podcast episodes to schedule.

Pick a schedule and stick to it.

Constantly remind people that you’re here. And you’re not going anywhere.

➡ When you show up for your audience, provide VALUE.

Don’t just post to post. Your daily Starbucks order might look good on your Insta feed, but people aren’t following you just to see your caramel frappucino with whipped cream and extra caramel sauce.

Get intentional with your content and get people to understand that YOU are the go-to person they need to hire.

If you’re a brand strategist: Share branding tips or tricks people who aren’t design savvy need to know.

If you’re a VA: Share tips on how and what business owners can delegate.

Want to be seen as an expert?

Want to get client leads in your inbox every week?

Want clients who don’t even hop on calls with other people because they only want to work with YOU?

It all starts with your content.

At the beginning of 2018 I decided I was going to get serious with my content and I started to do those 2 things.

I showed up consistently on Instagram and gave value in my posts and on Insta stories.

Guess what happened?

Dream clients were DM’ing me asking me if they could hire me.

Good content will land you clients.

One thing I’m really freaking awesome at is getting clients and this year I’m going to help you do the same. You can expect more content from me on how to build your client based business + become the go-to person in your industry.

Get started with my free Book Clients on Autopilot Roadmap.

Why I Use Canva for Creating Graphics Instead of Photoshop

use canva to create social media graphics instead of photoshop

Confession: I didn’t really like Canva the first time I used it.

I thought that I had a lot more flexibility in Photoshop and could create more professional graphics there. I thought my graphics wouldn’t look as good in Canva as they could in Photoshop.

I learned how to use Photoshop, created a few templates for my images, and used that for all my graphic creation for about a year. I completely dreaded creating graphics whenever I needed a new one. I have a lot fun designing, but Photoshop really took the fun out of creating graphics for me.

I decided to give Canva another shot a few months ago, and I’m so glad I did!

It’s really fast for me to create graphics in Canva and it’s so much easier to use. There’s also a LOT of flexibility with Canva that I wasn’t originally aware of.

For me, Photoshop was adding unnecessary steps to my graphic creation process.

Here’s why I use Canva for creating graphics instead of Photoshop.

It’s simple to use

Not tech savvy? Struggle with design? Canva is perfect for you. It’s simple to use with its drag and drop features and it has pre-made designs to get you started and give you some inspiration. Canva doesn’t overwhelm you with features and options. They do have a lot of features, but it’s just enough to allow you to create the stunning designs you want, without having option overwhelm. I like to think of myself as pretty Photoshop savvy, but I probably still don’t know what half the buttons do.

Everything is one place

When I used Photoshop, anytime I needed to add a stock photo or logo to a design, I had to search for it on my laptop. With Canva, I can keep all of my photos in the sidebar and just drag and drop them into the template I’m creating. This has really cut down the time it takes me to create new graphics.

It’s way faster + more fun!

Switching to Canva has made creating graphics fun for me again! I love creating graphics, but Photoshop made it feel more like a hassle and eventually made me dread having to create graphics. I love going into Canva to update my graphics and play around creating new ones!

I think part of the reason creating graphics is more fun in Canva is because you can create graphics in seconds. You just open up your template, update the text, pop in a new image, and in less than 30 seconds, you have a new graphic.

You can access your designs from anywhere

Since Canva is web-based, you can access your designs anywhere you have internet. They also have a mobile app, but I haven’t tested it out. I personally love having a big screen to design.

Since it’s web-based, you can also share your designs with people. If you want to get an opinion on a design, or collaborate on a design with someone, you can share the link and both have access.

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Use Later to Plan and Strategize Your Instagram Feed


Use later to plan and strategize your Instagam feed

I’ve gone all out on Instagram this year and I’ve been having a blast. It’s such a fun place to hang out, meet new biz people, and connect with your audience. Not to mention, I love finding a new person and scrolling back to 2013 because their feed is so gorg to look at. JK – was Instagram even a thing in 2013?!
But you get the picture, Instagram is super addictive and when you have a well thought out strategy, it’ll be attracting new clients + customers in no time.

Why use an Instagram scheduler

Before I automated my Instagram posts, I’d save a few stock photos to my phone and wait for inspiration to strike. That led to me posting about 1x a week – if that. Let’s just say my feed was pretty lame. Then I found my new fav tool – Later!
Later is my fav platform to schedule Insta posts and plan out my Instagram feed. It’s a free online tool and app that lets you pre-schedule, preview, and automate posts. It’s saved me tons of time scheduling content! Now that Instagram lets you auto-publish you can set your account to automatically publish your posts and you don’t have to worry about getting the notification on your phone. You just open Insta and have all the hearts and comments waiting for you!

Upload and preview images

Later’s preview feature is by far my fav feature. You can schedule posts and then preview how they’ll look on your Instagram feed. Hello aesthetic! I love getting to glance at what my feed will look like and see if one picture is sticking out or totally off brand. I suggest not getting too hung up on the aesthetic though. Planning to make a pattern of one quote graphic, one stock image may sound like a great idea at the time, but it can add a lot of extra time when scheduling your content. While creating a cohesive brand is important, strategy should be your main focus.

Create your captions

One you have your pics scheduled, you can start adding your captions. I pre-plan mine and just have to pull them from my social media content calendar.
An awesome feature on Later is that you can save captions for use later. This really comes in handy because you can save different sets of hashtags to easily add to posts. It’s also great for when a post idea pops in your head. You can open the app, write your caption, save it, and it’ll be waiting for you the next time you schedule content.

3 Ways to Make Your Social Media Graphics Stand Out

3 ways to make your social media graphics stand out

People see hundreds of graphics when scrolling through social media. You definitely don’t want to spend time creating graphics, just for them to scroll right by them. You want to make them stop – and click!

When creating graphics to post on social media, there are 3 easy things you can do to make your graphics stand out. What are you waiting for, let’s make your graphics stand out!

Make them clear + easy to read

You know when you’re scrolling Pinterest and there’s an image that’s covered in text, has a super busy background image, and the text is the palest pink on a white background? That’s what you don’t want your social media graphics to look like. It’s way better to be clear and minimal than trying to do #AllTheThings in your graphic.
Your graphics show up pretty small, especially on mobile, so test them out. Open it up on your phone and see if it’s hard to read. If you’re struggling to read what it says, or there’s too much going on, start taking away 1 thing at time until it’s clear and easy for people to read when they’re scrolling their feed.

Create a cohesive look

Use your brand colors and fonts to create a cohesive look on your social media graphics. You also want to choose similar styles for your graphics. If you struggle with creating a cohesive look for your graphics, grab my 6 free Canva templates to get you started. You’ll notice I used the same 2 fonts throughout all the templates and chose 2-3 colors for each template from the same color palette.

Simplicity is key

Keep your graphics as simple as possible. A good rule of thumb is to only use 2 fonts and up to 3 colors in one graphic. If you start adding more, it can get too busy and take away from the main parts of the graphic.

“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Decide what you want the focus to be on in the graphic. Is it an inspiration quote? To tell your followers to download your new freebie? When creating your graphic, ask yourself if there any parts that are pulling away from the main focus of the graphic.

There you have it – 3 simple ways to make your social media graphics stand out!

If you’re ready to stand out on social media, grab my FREE Social Media Quickstart Guide below!

Create Your Monthly Social Media Content Calendar

Create monthly social media content calendar

If your social media accounts aren’t growing and attracting the right type of followers (people who will read your blog, join your email list, and pay you cash money) chances are it’s because you’re posting without a strategy.

Once you create your social media calendar, you can have a complete view of what’s getting posted on your social media accounts and when. In today’s post, I’m covering why you need a social media content calendar, how to set it up, and how you can steal my monthly process for creating your calendar!

Why you need a social media content calendar

A social media content calendar will help you plan out what type of content to share and when. It gives you a birds eye view of what’s going on in your biz, like when blog posts are getting published or you’re hosting a sale.
It’s also helpful in making sure you’re posting a variety of content. Without a strategy, it’s easy to post content that doesn’t help you reach your social media goals. If your goal is to land more clients for your design biz, but you’re just posting photos out with your friends, you won’t attract the right people. Set clear goals for each social media account and then create content based on those goals.

Create your calendar

There’s a lot of different ways you can create your social media calendar. If your a paper + pen girl, print out an empty calendar. If you’re a digital girl, like me, create a Google spreadsheet or Trello board and get ready to create! Some social media schedulers, like SmarterQueue, are a huge help in mapping out social media content calendar and you can do most of the work right there in the platform.

Choose your categories

One of the biggest reasons why people don’t post on social media is because they don’t know what to post. Having a set of categories will help lessen the time you spend thinking about what to post and help you cover different aspects of your biz. You don’t want to post 5 promotional posts on Instagram in a row and come off as super salesy to your audience.
Span out your categories to make sure you provide a balance of content. You can share a mix of behind-the-scenes, freebie promos, tips, and paid promos, to name a few.Make sure you have a reason for each category in your social media strategy. If you’re sharing behind-the-scenes, what’s your reasoning behind it? For example, I’ll share some pictures hanging out with my family to show my audience that I’ve been able to create a business that gives me the freedom to do so and not have to work all day long. Or I’ll share occasional inspirational posts because I know starting and growing a biz can sometimes feel like a never ending uphill battle.

Create + schedule your posts

Once you have your categories created and you’ve filled in your content calendar with them, it’s time to create your posts! Schedule a batch day where you knock out all of your social media posts for the month.
Once you’ve created your posts, you’re ready to schedule them! Use a social media scheduler to pre-schedule your content so you’re not posting manually each day. To find out which social media scheduler is right for you, you can check out this post.

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Create Social Media Graphics for Your Biz in Seconds with Canva

Create social media graphics in seconds with Canva

There are 2 things I constantly hear people say they spend way too much time on:
1. Social media
2. Creating graphics
They’re both super important to your business. Social media is how you market your biz and interact with your audience. And you want your social media graphics to catch your follower’s eye so they read – and more importantly, click!

Watch today’s tutorial video where I show you exactly how I create templates in Canva – for free!



How can you create social media graphics in seconds?

With templates! Having templates for all the graphics in my biz has saved me so much time. Now, I just need to update the copy on the templates and pop in a new stock image – seriously like 20 seconds! Now I have templates for my Instagram posts, Pinterest images, and Twitter and Facebook promo graphics. Once you have your templates set up, you just do a few, quick updates whenever you need a new graphic.

Decide your graphic goals

Decide what the purpose of each graphic template is before you start creating it. If your goal is to use this graphic to promote your latest blog post, you’ll want it to include space for text and possibly a spot to show off your freebie. If your goal is to inspire your social media followers with quotes, you want to leave plenty of space for the quote and use an easy to read font.

Create your templates

Then, you can get to the fun stuff – creating your templates! Make sure you have your goals outlined and then start playing around with some templates. I used to use Photoshop for all my graphics, but it was a little more time consuming than it should be.
For example, for each Pinterest graphic, I use a different stock photo for my background image. In Photoshop I’d have to go search my Google Drive for the perfect photo, open it up in Photoshop, resize it, and then add it to my template. In Canva, I loaded up all my stock photos in one sitting, and then when I’m creating a graphic I just drag over whichever photo I want to use and it resizes it to fit the template perfectly! You can see how little things like that add up when you’re creating graphics all the time in your biz.

Ready to create a social media plan to show off your new graphics? Get my FREE Social Media Quickstart Guide below!

What Social Media Scheduler Is Right For Your Business?

What Social Media Scheduler Is Right For Your Business?

One of the most time consuming tasks business owners have on their to-do list is social media marketing. That’s why having a social media scheduler to automate your posts is one of the best ways to start lessening your workload.

Since I manage multiple businesses for my clients, I’ve been able to use some of the most popular social media schedulers available. Here’s are the pros and cons of 4 social media schedulers to help you decide which is right for your business.


Buffer is a great tool to automate your social media posts. It’s user friendly and there isn’t much of a learning curve if you want something simple. This is a great social media scheduler for people who are just starting out. You can test it out for free so you really have nothing to lose if you want to try it!

I like the calendar view in Buffer because it makes it easier when planning your social media posts. They also have an extension for your web browser so you can easily add any page to your social media queue.

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SmarterQueue is my favorite social media scheduler. One of my favorite things about SQ that most platforms don’t have is the evergreen content feature. You can load up posts and have them recycled so your queue is always filled. You can also link RSS feeds to your account so you don’t have to go searching for new content to share.

It also has cool features like the Twitter analyzing tool. You can enter any public Twitter account handle and it will show you what hashtags that person uses that get the most likes and retweets, what time slots get the most engagement, and a few other things that are really helpful when creating your social media strategy.


Hootsuite is pretty robust if you’re just looking to schedule content for a few social media accounts. I think Hootsuite is best if you’re a social media manager and are managing multiple people’s accounts.

I do like the Stream views that show you recent engagement on your scheduled posts. It also shows you mentions across all platforms. Something I don’t love about Hootsuite is you can’t duplicate posts or re-post past content. If you have self promotion posts or launch posts, you’ll have to schedule them individually to go out multiple times.


Later is only used for Instagram but I like to use this for my Instagram instead of SmarterQueue. One of Later’s best features is you can preview what your Instagram feed will look like after scheduling posts. This really helps to keep your brand cohesive and make sure all your posts look good in the grid view before publishing.

You can add content on the web version or on the app. It’s easy to upload photos from your phone right into the app and get them scheduled. When a post is ready to published you get a notification on your phone and it’ll open up in Instagram.