Create the business of your dreams –

without turning your life into a nightmare

If you prefer a root canal over writing a

business plan, you’re in the right place:

You don’t fit into a box.

You’re a one-woman show on a roll!

The last thing you want is to squeeze your

creative self into a plan that feels confining,

corporate and boring.

You want your business
to support your life,
not run your life . . .


Have goals you want to reach?

Need to get more organized?

Want to tailor your business to create financial AND time freedom?

I thought so!

That’s why I’ve created the Creative Biz Plan Workshop!

A tailored-to-you,

millennial version of a business plan –

for peeps like you who don’t

fit the mold.

In this workshop, I’ll show you . . .

Smart strategies + systems to run your biz without it running you

what you *really* need to put in your biz plan

how to create a sustainable business + avoid overwhelm

 What do you get with the Creative Biz Plan Workshop?

The 30 min workshop walking you through how to create your biz plan

The slides so you can print them out + take notes

The 20+ page Creative Biz Plan Workbook

A list of my favorite tools to run your biz on auto-pilot

and 2 FREE months of SmarterQueue to automate your social media marketing (new customers only)


How will I receive the bundle?

You’ll be emailed a receipt right after purchasing. It will include a link to the workshop with the workshop password. It will also list all of your downloads that you can click on and download.

Do I have to print out the workbook?

The workbook is an editable PDF document so you have the option to fill it out right on your computer or print it out.

What if I’m not happy with the bundle?

If for some reason you aren’t happy with the bundle, simply email me at within 14 days of purchasing, showing that you’ve done the work and still aren’t happy, for a full refund.

I already signed up for SmarterQueue, can I still get 2 free months?

Unfortunately, you can only get the 2 free months of SmarterQueue if you are a new customer.