marketing on autopilot

The 5 step marketing funnel to bring in consistent clients + book out your biz

(no Facebook ads or fancy tech required)

Can’t book clients to save your life?

You’re freaking awesome at what you do, but no one seems to know you exist.

You’ve tried every marketing strategy – and still, nothing.

If people would just get to know you, they’d see they NEED to hire you!

I get it. I was you.

For an entire year, I felt like a kid in high school sitting alone at lunch.

I was doing everything the experts said I should be doing but I was barely making enough money to pay for my Starbucks habit.

If you’re ready to:

• Become the go-to person in your industry

•  Book out your services with clients who happily pay your prices

• Have your marketing work around the clock for you, even while you play with your kids or go on vaca with your girlfriends

(without spending hundreds on FB ads or fancy tech)


That’s why I created Marketing on Autopilot

A 5 step marketing funnel training that positions you as an expert + brings in dream clients on the reg

In 5 easy steps, you’ll attract your ideal clients, build their trust, and convert them into clients.

After implementing this marketing plan into my business, I booked out my services within 3 months of becoming a new mom.

This isn’t your typical marketing training where I teach you the “one thing” that led to my success. I teach you every piece of my marketing strategy and help you customize it to fit your business. Because there is no one-size fits all strategy. This is YOUR funnel and you create it however you want to.


Overview Lesson
✔ Learn how your funnel will work together and why each step is important.

Lesson 1: Your Services
✔ Research your ideal clients to know exactly what to say on your sales page and in your content
✔ Create services + packages that bring in consistent income
✔ Price your services to reach your income goals

Lesson 2: Your free content
✔ Choose content platforms that work for you and your audience
✔ Learn how to create content that attracts your ideal clients
✔ Find out my trick for coming up with content ideas + learn how to create consistent content, without having to spend hours at your laptop

Lesson 3: Your opt-in
✔ How to choose an opt-in that will fill your email list with warm client leads
✔ Map out + create your opt-in, in less than a day
✔ How to optimize your website and content to attract subscribers

Lesson 4: Your tripwire
✔ Create a low-cost digital product to build trust with your opt-in subscribers
✔ See behind-the-scenes of my tripwire landing page
✔ How to deliver your tripwire to buyers

Lesson 5: Your email sequence
✔ How to structure your email sequence
✔ Learn the 3 types of emails to include in your email sequence
✔ How to come up with your email sequence content without spending hours on your laptop


Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t offer 1:1 services. Will this still work for me?
This training was created specifically for people who offer 1:1 services.The videos and implementation worksheets are geared towards running an online, service based business.

My business is brand new. Will this work for me?
Yes! Marketing on Auto will teach you exactly how to position yourself as the go-to person for your ideal clients and help you start booking clients much faster than if you were to try to figure it all from scratch.

What’s your return policy?
Not satisfied with your purchase? No problem. Email within 14 days of your purchase, along with your completed implementation worksheets, and you’ll be issued a full refund.

How long will I have access to the training?
Forever! You’ll always have access to the trainings!


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