Cancelled another girl’s night because you’re drowning in work?

You want to run your business, not let it run you

You’re barely managing to stay on top of your tasks, never mind take off for a long weekend

Want to . . .

Get more organized?

Feel less stressed?

Finally see the end of that to-do list?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you weren’t slaving over your computer until 10:00 every night, chugging another cup of coffee because you have so much on your plate?

Let’s make it happen!

I’ll help run your business behind the scenes so you can focus on the work that needs your attention and brings in the money + still have time to throw that dinner party you’ve been dreaming of


  • “Kayleigh has changed my life and business for the better. It was beyond hard for me to delegate anything to anyone else at first. I had always operated under the idea that “if you want it done right, you have to do it yourself.“ However, Kayleigh always stepped up proving that she can handle anything you put in front of her. She’s easy to work with, organized and reliable! Now I know the truth is “if you want something done right, hire someone who can do it better than you” and that’s Kayleigh all the way. She’s saved me money, a ton of time and has allowed me to exhale and be a happy location independent business owner. It feels good to have someone have my back in my biz and I highly recommend her to others. ”

    Jennifer Covington
  • “Kayleigh is an absolute lifesaver. I was so overwhelmed trying to manage everything in my business. The very first day Kayleigh became a part of my team, I noticed a change. Things got done when they needed to be and always better quality than I expected. If I missed something, she asked about it. If there was a better way to do things, she let me know. My business is so much more streamlined thanks to her.

    Krista Miller
  • I couldn’t have scaled my business without the help of Kayleigh! When I posted assignments on Asana with info and due dates, she always came through. No excuses. Having her in charge of posting to my social media accounts lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. I highly encourage other creatives to hire Kayleigh so they can get back to doing what they love!”

    Jean Coelho
  • With Kayleigh’s help I achieved more in the last month than the previous 5 months. Kayleigh was a major catalyst for that change. Knowing she was there, working on my stuff and available when I was ready to hand over more, made such a difference to my own ability to get things done.

    Nikki Fryn

How’s it work?

We’ll hop on a free 20 minute strategy call to figure out how I can best help you + if we’re a great fit

I’ll set you up with a private workspace in Asana where you can easily add tasks + check my progress on each one

I’ll document hours used + hours remaining so you’re never hit with any surprises



► Scheduling

► Post creation

► Post research

► Management


► Editing + proofreading

► Scheduling


► Formatting

► Graphics – send your Photoshop/Canva templates and I’ll update for each post!

► Content upgrade integration


► Editing + proofreading

► Formatting

► Scheduling

► Set up systems + automations

Don’t see a service you’re looking for? Fill out the form at the bottom of the page + let me know what you need.



You can focus on the bigger tasks

Leave the smaller or repetitive tasks to me + you can focus on things like bringing in new customers, client work + the tasks you enjoy doing

You’ll free up time

What’s the point of being your own boss if you don’t get to take vacations + spend time with family?!

You’ll make more money

By outsourcing repetitive tasks you’ll have more time to grow your business


Put down the take-out menu, you’re about to have time to cook for once.


“Kayleigh is such a pleasure to work with. She is
intelligent, responsive and pays great attention to detail in everything she does. Kayleigh has a high standard for herself and this reflects in the quality of her work. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs to get more organized, develop systems and be more
efficient in their business.”

Jula Pereira



I’m currently booked out but you can fill out the application below to get on the waitlist + I’ll email you as soon as a spot is available!